EMPACT Cont: Why do I do what I do?

EMPACT Cont: Why do I do what I do?

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The question was asked; Why do I do what I do?   This is a very good question and perhaps I’ll start by talking about what I am committed to. Over a course of many years, by attending training to what my mission or goal happened to be, however the instructors were not always sessions engaging. I discovered that the information given was very vital to improving a process or adding quality engaging or in most cases the presentation was boring. The information was dry and I thought to myself “How would I make this training more exciting or engaging?”  I committed to doing just that, one training at a time.

During the “Introduction to Assembly” course at Douglas Aircraft Company, I needed to learn many things that were technical, like blueprint reading and drafting and it was hilarious, it was fun and it was informative. I stayed after to speak to Greg, the instructor.  I began to ask him questions about what he was doing in the class and why I was learning but also having a good time and he shared a few things that day that are staples in my approach to training. He said, “know your topic,” it needed to be something you truly knew inside and out (which comes by practice and experience) and secondly he suggested that I should “Use your unique personality.” If you like having fun, put it in the mix… If you like dancing, music, playing games etc. put it in the mix, whatever you like there’s a chance that someone else will like as well. I learned that being boring as a speaker or trainer is a choice.  I began my career as a Sheet metal mechanic and I volunteered to present a course titled, “Ethical Decision Making.” Little did I know that it was the seed to something bigger than I had imagined.  I was promoted into the Technical development team as a Technical Development Instructor.  It was during a presentation titled “Torque Wrench Certification” that I discovered my calling. I had taught a number of classes throughout Douglas Aircraft Company, but a student came up to me after class one day when I was training on “How to use a Torque Wrench” and said, I have never had this much fun learning about something that was so boring… thanks. Internally  I heard myself talking to Greg, three years prior. I had become the “Trainer.”

Fast forward nearly “21” years to the present and I hold on to the same principle that was discovered then that I have now… “People want a great experience when they take time out to learn anything and it’s up to me to impact them in such a way that they cause change, change their lives or change to lives of others.”        I am a Change agent!

I do what I do, to make the lives of others better. If I am training case managers they should leave my workshop and go do something better than they were doing it before they met me. If I am speaking to High School students they will look at what they are doing and make better choices than what they were making before they attended my workshop. If I am speaking to inmates or battered women or incarcerated youth they will have hope and choose a better path as a result of their time in my presence.

I do what I do because it’s a calling on my life.  It is something that I will do for the rest of my life. I know who I am and I know that the way I share information and the courses I have taught, have impacted generations.  Moms who did not have a way to identify their dreams are dreaming again, young ladies who gave themselves to men who let them down are taking a chance on themselves and their gifts. Men who walked away from their families and chose lives of crime and negativity are choosing to live differently and making a positive contribution to their communities.  It is awesome.

I am committed to making a difference in the lives of others. I never do anything good enough… good enough is never enough for me as it pertains to others. I live to be the best. To excel, to help people see in themselves the amazing gift they are to the people around them and to the world. Am I the worlds greatest orator? Presenter? No!  I am not. I am what God said I am. I adapted a saying from my personal mentor. “I am only as successful as the transformed lives of those who have crossed my path and applied the principles of my workshops.”

Dr. Michael Freeman says it this way,” I measure my success and the success of this ministry  (Spirit of Faith Christian Center) only by the transformed lives…”   

“Information with Revelation with-out Application equals NO Manifestation!

Many people including you… will take a course, sit in a meeting, attend a seminar, sit through a presentation, but will lives change?      What will you do with the information you learned from EMPACT?  

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