Taking a time out for “DiffAbilities”

Dwayne Ross at the AFP Summit near Washington D.C.  

Hi Everyone,

I am taking a time out because this post is dedicated to what I am engaged in when I am not training….  Improving the lives of those with Disabilities who will now be called “DiffAbility” according to Tim Shriver CEO of Special Olympics who I met (picture not that good) where he has asked America to stop using the “R” word.

End the use of the "R" Word add Differbility

I sometimes use the word ‘diffability’ because it says different abilities and people do have different abilities. We all do. But some are especially different and — and deserve some special attention.
—Tim Shriver, “Willowbrook: The last Disgrace,” The Geraldo Rivera Show, January 6, 1997

People are persons with… versus a “label.”

Terms that are associated with people with a specific disability or DiffAbility… makes a very large difference. We can make change or be the change as Gandhi asked… be the change we want to see.

My goal with this post is to raise Social Awareness to stop the labeling of people with “DiffAbilities.”  Using the R word is similar in my culture as the N word, as an African American. We all know that people will continue to do many things that are hurtful as long as they are socially acceptable. Slavery was acceptable at one time in our history, just as killing babies who were born with what was termed as a Birth Defect. Some were Institutionalized for many years just because they were different.

It’s time to Celebrate their Abilities and embrace the DiffAbility. Care to join me?

Watch this:

If you have more time check out this amazing young man.
His name is Dylan of DK Arts when he was interviewed by BizKids.

It’s time that all of us look into the depth of our hearts and choose what’s right. What would Dylan’s life be like if he was cast to the side, placed in an Institution or if those around him continued to see him as a person without Value. Anything that is thought to have “no value” can easily be cast aside but when something is valued or someone is valued, we take notice and we make sure support is giving simply because it’s the right thing to do. Want to help this cause?
Leave a comment and Together we can make that Change!

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