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October 15th 2011.
What can four women determined to make the lives of women who are incarcerated live better lives when they are released? They attended EMPACT! One truth that was shared with the attendees was how much people need others to believe in them. During the expectation session there were a few really good areas that came to light. Someone asked, “How can we help these women find their Voice?” another wanted to know; How can we help them make a life using the Gifts God has given them and still another wanted to know “What can we do to Empower women to overcome their life issues, such as drug use, prostitution, abuse, and discouragement and turn it into Success.” This training was a great first step towards making sure all women who enter into the program not only talk about their issues but they dig into them to find the “Success in the Pain of their experiences.”

It was the “Train the trainer” two part seminar for the EMPACT program designed to help at risk populations re-enter into their community after incarceration. The EMPACT program is the philosophy that drives the successful IMPRESS program written for Thomas Nelson Community College held at the Peninsula Jail in Williamsburg Virginia. The program was written as a workforce development program but soon became a System of Success dedicated to enhancing the lives of anyone exiting from incarceration.

During the session another key moment that happened was when the attendees were asked: “What is the best defense against Poverty?” One person shared how they grew up in an area some might consider “low income” or Ghetto. During her life as a young person she made a decision that she would live better than the conditions of her life. She looked into the Choices of her life to determine how having a Mindset for Abundance allowed her to move past what she was seeing with her eyes and create a image of wealth and prosperity in her heart of hearts.

This image drove her success as she became a business owner, moved into a higher income bracket and lives in a neighborhood far removed from the humble beginnings of her life as a child. By digging into the past she was able to see the amazing transformation of her life and how her view of poverty was able to help guide her into a better lifestyle. They learned how to “Transfer Expectations” from what is into what could be.

Identify the positives of the past and turn them into Action!

To learn more join the conversation by posting what you know about how you were able to turn the Pain from your past into Purpose… Possibility and Power… the Power to Change!

The attendees had an Encounter that created an EMPACT! Get the IMPRESS Booklet

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