EMPACT Changing lives on Purpose

EMPACT Changing lives on Purpose

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EMPACT  Train the Trainer  October 22, 2011

This weekend a few new faces were among the attendees of the train the trainer workshop for the EMPACT program. The second part of the program focused on Communication and the foundational truths associated with the philosophy that drives the program. One of the new attendees was a young man who identified “Sleeping” as his passion. When asked what does he like to do in his spare time he said “sleep.” I am sure with all of the busy people in the world he is not alone in his quest to get a good solid days rest. We are all very busy and engaged in a number of things that swallow up our time.

The thing about time is … once it goes , you can not get it back.  Letting time just past us by is something we all must pay attention to.  At any rate as the young man continued to share we discovered he wanted to work in the Ballistic side of Forensics as a CSI.  By asking and answering a few questions the group was able to find out how he could move one step closer to his desired career goal.

Ms. Yvonne

During the session we began to talk about the 24 hour clock and how some people can find themselves using “I don’t have time,” as a major excuse for not getting things done. By not paying attention to time it is easy to find your self doing many things and being very busy but going nowhere.  Towards the end of the session I gave the attendees an observation sheet to ask them about the training and how it could be improved or if there was anything that they wanted to know about the information shared… clarification etc.

The young man asked… “Why do you do what you do?”  

I actually love to speak about my “Why” this subject is near and dear to me, so what I plan to do is answer this question specifically tomorrow. I will lay exactly how teaching, training and speaking became a necessary part of my life. It is the thing that I will do for free and never worry about getting paid. I love making a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy seeing the light bulb go on above their heads while they are sitting in a workshop or seminar or during a presentation.  By doing what I love, doing what God has given me a gift to do, I know I am…        “Changing lives on Purpose!”



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