Job Carving and Customized Employment

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Today was another day where I was able to engage a group of job developers and others to express some top strategies related to getting jobs for those who have disabilities using #Customized Employment. One of the attendees asked about getting a job for “Mark.” We discovered that mark was confined to wheel chair. he was energetic, fun loving, friendly, liked women and limited verbal ability and only had the use of one finger and spoke using a communication device. There were three specific areas that I wanted to impact the most with this group. 1) I wanted them to get rid of the Box not just think out of it. I explained that too many people hold on to the box… keep the box around just in case or truly confine themselves to finding jobs while they too are in a box. I expressed a strategy that would allow them to get rid of the box and find work that is based upon 3 major areas… Strengths, Interest and Abilities which would be supported by the employer’s needs and benefits.

In order for #Customized Employment to work, the job must be tailored not only for the Individual you are looking to place but for the employer as well. You must be dedicated to discovering what “Unique skill,”does the person have that can help the employer overcome a “Unique Challenge.” 2) How do you “discover” the unique skill and how do you sell them to the employer? So many employers are fearful about hiring a person with a disability for a number of reasons… By matching the skill to the employer’s challenges and showing how this could be a successful Win-win situation, most employers will want to take the risk. Through a brain blizzard discovery process you will be able to not only tap into a series of employment options but you make unearth a number of things that many just wouldn’t consider given the person’s limitations. I encouraged everyone to remove the limits and see the possibilities. Finally, we dedicated the last part of our 3 hours together in walking through a discovery process, identifying 3 to 5 specific skills and abilities that we were able to learn as they related to Mark which would allow us to develop a plan of action. Through working the exercise with 6 teams we were able to discover over 25 employment opportunities that were uniquely matched to Marks, skills, interest and abilities while meeting the employers needs through careful needs analysis. This workshop was engaging, informative and upbeat as expressed in some of the comments in the Instructor evaluations. Job carving is the art of discovering a niche that is supported by customized employment. As Mike Callahan stated in this You Tube video post… Supported Employment was the beginning but it has led us to drilling through the assessments, vocational evaluation s and more to a more dedicated approach of #Customized employment.

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