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The E in EMPACT stands for Encounter
Have you ever attended an event and when you were introduced to someone you shared formalities, name occupation etc. walked away and could not recall any of the information shared? You have a meeting… but when you meet someone and they share information, you may possibly touch with a hug, hand-shake, a lot of eye communication and feelings of “I like this person” comes over you and once you walk away you can remember everything about them, even the color of their eyes, the shoes they were wearing and more… You just had an Encounter. In training it’s similar.

People should not only say man that was a good training they should have walked away knowing their lives will never be the same. They should feel they were transported into the material and if they use it things will be different.

During the EMPACT Train the trainer… the attendees were asked to participate in an activity where they had an encounter with others who were attending the workshop. Throughout the training I wanted to make sure they not only left with good information but they left knowing
I was placing a demand for change in their lives. That I knew that if they embraced the philosophy that drives the IMPRESS system they can truly see lives change in a matter of days. During the session one person who I encountered was Charlene. She shared her love for Fishing. During the exercise we identified a number of next steps that Charlene could take after attending part 1 of the Train the trainer.

Today I was looking at the lake here in Rocky Gap Maryland and I couldn’t help but remember Charlene.

DwayneRoss.com/Rocky Gap

She could help people here learn how to place a lure on the fish line… she could take people out on the lake and learn how to cast their lines… she could come here and write a book about different types of bait used for fishing on the lake… the options were endless, but I’m not Charlene.

I can only hope that when she went home she had an Encounter with me! I hope she was thinking about Fishing like I was… even though fishing was her thing… not mine! Have you had an Encounter today? If not maybe it’s time for you to get up and dust off your dreams and attend the EMPACT workshop. Learn how to have more than a meeting, learn how to have an Encounter!

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