My Soul Are Charger

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Hey everyone,

Hope your week was great. In this podcast I am talking about a Solar Charger. It is a really cool power device that you can use to stay powered up when you need that extra 20 to 30 minutes to work on something while you search for a place to plug in. I also wanted to begin a conversation about Civility. I attended a pretty cool workshop dedicated to a conversation on Civility. During the conversation I also mention a statement made during an interview by Boxing Legend Mike Tyson… check it out here. I mention the LAX tragedy and how we as a nation might want to Charge Our Souls.  I coined a phrase…  Soul-Are-Charger. How are you charging your Soul or are you?

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This Podcast is dedicated to a conversation about recharging your soul… and a new gadget called a Solar Charger by Bell Howell with keychain.

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