Get Traffic to your website… Here’s how!

Traffic is one of the primary reasons companies have web sites. Yes, they have them to highlight how great they are, inform the public about the company and things of that nature… but if doesn’t show up at the bottom line some place how efficient is it? So I pose a question to you the reader… Is SEO optimization Fact or Fiction?

What exactly can a SEO Research Report ( ) do for your company anyway?

Glad you asked. The Top 10 Ranking Requirements Score™ for the web site is: 41 percent.

“site meets 41% web page requirements for a Top 10 Ranking for the term “produce” on google. Note that all ranking factors are weighted equally and that there are some ranking factors that cannot be taken into account because search engines do not reveal the necessary data.”

One factor the report revealed, is how the web site has 59 other areas that are not being considered as the web site is located for the top search term “produce.” One other note the web site name is not the same as the company name. The funny thing is the company name actually has the word Produce in the name but it was not used when creating the web url. Imagine that!

Click Here to Watch the Video Now: Get Ranked by Getting your report.

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