Do what you Love and get Paid for it pt 2

So I was wondering how can I add more value to the lives of the people I am sending to my web site? The answer was clear. Keep giving good content and let the site grow from there. To date I have not advertised the site at all. I have not mentioned it in any major articles etc. I have just been adding content. Giving people a little information here and there until i am ready to add my site to directories, ping it from a few sites, create the back links and all of the other basic free things you can do… then I plan to put the machine in motion.

Today I want to continue talking about doing what you enjoy or love and how you can use whatever it is to make money. I was laid off from a State job when I read a book about how to Do what you Love and make money… or Make Money with What You Love. I used to have a Lawn care service many years ago back in 1989! I had a truck and everything but I lived in California and the labor cost was something I didn’t prepare for. Over the years however i knew that if I ever needed a dime, I can go out and earn it, not wait or beg for it. So the next two videos are examples of how to go make money. The next time you son or daughter ask you for money, you may want to ask them how can they make money. Someone had a problem… Weeds…
I was able to Solve the problem and Make Money… Check it out!


From Weeds to Mulch from Contact MrRoss on Myspace.


After the Weeds from Contact MrRoss on Myspace.

Leave a comment and I will show you how to do exactly what I did. Do you have a talent? a skill? a hobby? a gift? Maybe it can be the very thing that keeps you afloat or it could put major Cash into your hands…

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