YES Summit 2016

Dwayne Ross is a Human Service Trainer, Staff Development Instructor and an Author Speaker & Teacher with over 25 years experience in Human Services Comment, Converse and Connect Today! Dwayne is now the co-host of his own radio segment: The Chop Chop on MentorMe® Memorable Moments Social Health

Have you ever sat around with a group of people and heard this…”Somebody ought to do something…” Well I have and it was clear one day that the somebody doing something would be me. I was looking in the mirror thinking… I know the problem… I’m a product of the same concerns… What can I do? I can continue to focus on myself and my kids or I can use my TAG to help other young people. so I started doing things… community events, talent shows, community days and then my life took a turn and I stopped. It was only a few years now that I answered the call again after the most recent deaths of young people like, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice that I decided I must do more. Our young people are losing hope and have no vision. They don’t even know they have a TAG a purpose and if they do many don’t know what to do with it. Your TAG is your Talent, Ability and Gift(s) Have you discovered your TAG What are you doing with it? This little genius found his TAG at 5 years old and decided to start his own business tobuy his mom a car… Check out this video about Mr.Cory’s Cookies… a Young Business CEO from New Jersey.

What’s your TAG? We want to help you discover it then use it effectively. If you are a young person this event is for you. I invite you to come to the DMV YES Summit. Youth Empowerment Success Summit. Youth Groups are invited! They will be empowered to know more about their TAG and use them. We will be Empowering Education… Employment… Entrepreneurship and Engaging their TAG in the community. If you live in driving distance to the DMV this is for any young person age 13 to 19 (REGISTER FREE HERE) Your child or youth group will leave with a new resolve to engage their passion and live the dream they imagine… How old can you start? 5? 7? 15? 91? It’s up to you!

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