What’s Driving Your Change?

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I just spent a few very cool hours with a co-worker, a transitional youth, her family and a few specialist talking about how their daughter will prepare to transition from High School. It was about a hour and 1/2 drive to the location so it allowed for me to have a very interesting conversation to and from the location and of course the topics ranged from family life to reality television and many things in between. One particular part of the conversation however was spent talking about the type of support that would be needed for, let’s call her “Betty.”

“Betty” is a disabled young lady who needs a lot of support because she can not retain information after having a conversation… her memory is locked into where she was years ago after having a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Many things were discussed but one of the really cool things that came out of the conversation was, how things would change for her after leaving School.

In school she has a host of who saids, sitting around her. Many are paid to make the right decisions for her and make sure she has the most opportunistic life possible. The family wants this for Betty, the school wants that and then the question came to Betty and what did she want? Change! As we were driving back to the beautiful southern Maryland area where I work I began thinking about what is driving the change in her life right now? Is it the parents? the school? funding? case managers? Betty?  What was it?

What is driving your change?

Life was acting on this young lady. If life didn’t come in to ask anything of her or request her to move perhaps she would stay in her comfort zone and exist exactly as she is right now. What about me? What is driving my change? More importantly what about you? What is it that is making your life move or what are you doing to maintain it? Do you want it to change? Do you want it to give you more or are you comfortable?  I have heard it said from a number of sources, change is constant and no one can do anything about that. I disagree with the statement because yes change is constant but “You Can” do something about it! You can make it work on your behalf, you can add to it, you can sabotage it, you can run from it! The main ingredient for your success is You!

School will end for this young lady and she will move on, but is she prepared for her new awaiting life? Will she be socially ready for bells not to ring, for people not telling her what to do with her time, for work versus community based learning? Our youth are coming into life unprepared and it’s up to us to prepare them. Am I saying all youth? No but there are many who are facing tomorrow and they do not have a plan. They do not have a way… they will be lost.

My co-worker and I agreed it was our job to set some guidelines, to expand the big picture for the parent. We need to make sure they are clear about what is going to take place in 7 more months! Most of all we had to be clear with Betty! We had to paint a clear picture of what to expect, what to look for and how will it be once she makes her “transition.”

So I ask again… What’s Driving Your Change? Don’t wait until  life acts on you, be in front of the change, be prepared and act on life! (Les Brown) You can pretend it’s all good. Decisions for change are not made in comfort zones! You can design your life or wait for life to design it for you! In my book Shift your Focus (previous topic as well) I shared how to make a shift. The world is shifting all of the time. Remember when you could play a record? then you could buy either or but then there came a time when there were no records only CDs. I couldn’t believe it! I was talking to the store manager and he said, I’m sorry sir we had to move with the change! As much as I wanted a record… I had to get a CD. I am sure those who had 8 tracks felt the same way! lol! Change is driven by so many things but most of all, your response to the change will make all of the difference.

Be the Agent of change! I can recall a time when you could walk into a Travel agency and sat down to talk to an agent about where you wanted to go, and you looked at all of the pretty pictures of places you thought , One day I’m gonna go here or there… Well the days are still moving forward but now you don’t need to walk into a place made of brick and mortar, you can go online and click and order. Why? Change happened… the industry shifted!    Are you ready?

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