Jul 01

What Andy Jenkins says about Blogs

My Affiliate site is HERE and it’s doing pretty good but the reality is my site here is to share information that may or may not be information I have created… in many cases it’s stuff that I found that works and the people seem to be honest etc.

I am so excited to have this portal for my affiliate site but more than that I have the ability to help you get the information you really need to make your online business successful. As I listened to Andy Jenkins 8 rules for Social Media Success I heard him say how important it is for us to stay relevant and give people quality content. I have heard this from many sources but I want to repeat exactly what he says because it’s important and it works.

Here’s what I mean, ” Social Media is not the end all to be all but it is very relevant to everything we do right now.” My son is a teen and today he posted “Good Bye Facebook… Twitter Here I come!” He then tweeted and his friends followed him to twitter to continue his conversation. He didn’t know that he was creating social integration in his message but it’s a key point for all marketers.

You will need to fade your message across platforms, from one media site to the next since people are now used to doing the same thing. If you have a web site is it connected to your social media site the right way? It should be a place where a person can go from web site to Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and so on. The information should be supported across the platforms as well. If you talk about Radios on your Blog, you should be posting interesting info on Twitter related to what you posted on Facebook and updated on you web site… oh yeah web sites. I am not using web site anymore, not that I won’t but right now I don’t need to because there’s a real problem with static websites… relevance and updates. Remember my goal is not to help a million people but to help my team members…. so what’z up!

A blog can be updated as many times as you desire anytime you desire for any reason. Most websites require the web master or others to do all the updating and posting etc. which could be a very expensive situation based upon how much traffic you already get to your web site. I also want control of whet my visitors get to see. If they were searching for me or perhaps Dan Thies or SEO Guru Blueprint for Social Media for Dummies you want people to find you. Now of course when they find you the information you provide must be relevant and exactly what they can use…. I watched this video and it was very clear that you need to do: Follow someone who tells it like it tis! So here’s a link to the blog Post Andy Jenkins made regarding the 8 Rules of Social Media Success but if video is your thing Go Here and watch it…

Thanks for stopping by. God Bless

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