Web site was down… I was locked out. But…

Hi everyone,

Thanks for coming back and I hope to continue to add value to your life through my post. For the past few weeks I have been locked out of my blog and unable to post, update or anything. Some of you saw a blank screen until today.  What I realized is that getting the right technician makes the difference. I was online with a tech for over two hours and he was unable to help. I felt my cause was lost since they are the experts. Today however I called in again and a different person was able to not only discover a root cause for what was wrong but go in, update and fix the problem.  Would that be you if this was your job? Would you take the time to get to the root cause of the matter? I hope so.

Decide to give it your best… give it your all.  People are counting on you. So many people just do enough not to get fired… be the opposite. Set the bar… be the trend setter in everything you do. How will you be the one who sets the pace this week? Let us know…  post, chat or comment. DR.

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