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What does Dwayne Ross want you to know?
At My goal is to expose my visitors to good relevant content with regards to training… internet marketing and video marketing. Leave a comment if this helps you. Today I will be talking about “using video to market your business” In a week or two I will be speaking in Hampton Virginia for part two of the Business to business Symposium. So let me finish telling you about this Plumber in Maryland. I was at a Christian Business Forum in Oxen Hills Maryland. After the event, people mill around and talk about this or that. I picked up a business card or two and followed up. I contacted one of the other members of this organization (I had four leads) and began to share what I could do with SEO VIDEO ADVERTISING AND MARKETING PROMOTIONS or “using video to market your business.”

Remember this?

To dominate your market you must be dominant in more than two terms, you must have a number of other factors all working in concert. If you do that you win. Leave any questions as a comment and I will be happy to assist you. I use Traffic Geyser as my engine… I just have not found anything that works as effectively as it works and with one customer per month it’s paid for. Now if you do not have at least one customer paying for the service… wait, it will add up monthly and you want to be a good steward of your cashflow. TTYL
Leave a comment if this helps or if you have any questions.

Let Dwayne Ross give you some more information:
I explained that I can make small 30 to 60 second video commercials and then get them all over the web with an amazing system.

As I spoke with my first potential customer he shared how the information I shared with the group, in the session captured his attention and he began to think about the possibilities of gaining extra customer traffic by “using video to market your business” and video advertising. We met over the phone, I gave him a fast lesson right in front of his computer showing him the results as we were talking. He had no visual presence on the web and his company was in a list site. This is a site where you get ranked but with everyone else in the same arena. So once people find you they compete and bid with you. He was paying $100. for a competing presence. With the techniques and information I shared with him he was unsure and did not commit. That was in May 2010.. it’s March 2011 and… I just checked the results for the Plumber I helped and guess where he’s listed out of over 2 million pages? Page One! for his local area and for only two terms.

Well fast forward… I closed a small trial deal with him. I am not a guru, über ninja marketing dude or internet expert. I am just an everyday guy who was laid off and looking for a way to add some money to my bank account while doing a great service to the small business community and while I was looking for work. I gave him concrete results about “using video to market your business.”

I was listening to Mike K. and Lisa Irby one of whom I consider the top internet teachers, consultants out there and I wanted to share some information or relay something that she relayed… Why Your Blog Makes You ZERO$$$ In the video she stated how you must still adhere to basic business principles and that also applies to “using video to market your business”. You can not just slap up a video and hope you get ranked and the traffic starts pouring in. It takes time and effort…

This is Dwayne Ross saying thanks for stopping by, I hope this information really helps.

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