Using e-mail as a Post: Shifitng Your Focus!

Dwayne Ross is a training instructor and offers information dedicated to human service systems improvement and blogging about Internet marketing and travel.

I’ve been knee deep in the editing of my blog site to make sure I include both the training that I do and the business support information I’m involved in.  Actually I had time to talk about the mindset that we all must have as we move into the next 4 years. I am hearing all this talk about the government but we cannot depend on them to give us access, we must be about what the fore fathers wanted us to be about, and it is Freedom.

I heard about posting my e-mails instead of just my blog thoughts so this is my first e-mail post… reusing my content because good content matters. When I find some thing that I believe can work for you, I will also post a link so you can check it out. 

I had a chance to check out my back office videos and the one that describes travel and the amazing opportunities to engage people about this topic. The question was asked; “If you had the money for you bills and had time to do anything you wanted to do what would you do? Everyone… well 99% said… Travel.

Watch this video and check out Exactly how to make money in the travel business. I’m not saying this is for everyone but there are already 45 million retired people in ready to go on vacations of a life time. First Travel Alliance is number 1 when it comes to providing the best options in travel.

Shifting from a job mentality into a “income creation” mindset will lead you to looking for ways to make money out side of a paycheck. Shifting your focus to recognize income opportunities whether online, in your neighborhood or something you create.  

In fact, I will provide a free PDF download exercise where I will walk you through why I think travel is one of the top income opportunities for those who are seeking to start something. FACT: Today, $17 million dollars are spent every sixty seconds on travel… Seventeen Million Dollars per Minute!

Watch it now here: 

Or Go to

Enjoy,     ~ Dwayne

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot I will be sharing the simplest three stage process of getting more people involved with your business with one of the most powerful marketing techniques that I use for my business and you can duplicate it 100% of the time.

It’s worth watching this video just for that! 



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