Updating Your Mind Set “Shift Your Thinking”

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In a few days I will be sharing information about “Cultivating the Employment First Attitude for Direct Support Professional” at one of the partner agencies where I work. As I share the information I an certain that I will encounter the person who is currently living on the But. What does that mean? They will say yeah but… this and I understand but… Well that might work for some but… and I will be challenged with helping them get their but, out of the way so they can experience some thing new or allow someone else to experience something new for them selves.

When you encounter the yeah but person as your self “how qualified is this person to give you this objection?” Are they a business owner? do they work two jobs? Have they ever started something and actually finished?  What do they really know about what you are about to embark upon. I want to encourage you to “Update your Mindset!” Clarify your vision and stick to what you wanted when you started… success. Most people see failure in the wrong way… “I’d rather talk to a person who has failed in the attempt instead of listening to a naysayer who never went!”

When you update your mindset think about a few key facts:

1.  No one can ever see it from your shoes.. only you

2.  You are the main ingredient to your success… Y O U

3.  Begin with the end in mind not someone’s opinion!

4.  Opinions are everywhere… Seek wise advice only

5.  Anything begins with the first step… Take Action!

There are thousands of books and tapes and stories centered around the ideal of having a “Do Something Now” mindset. There’s a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich” where the author traveled and spoke to all of the great thought creators of his time and they shared very key strategies that were crucial to their success. Every single one of them talked about guarding your thoughts.. they all shared how they maintained a positive mental attitude no matter what.

In the book 59 seconds we are encouraged to submit to the thought quickly. If you have an idea go for it! “Too many cooks lead to no body cooking at all. “Les Brown said, “Act on life before life acts on you… if you go through life casually you’ll end up a casualty.”  There are a number of practical steps you can take to get settled upon what it is you want to do to “Update your Mindset.” Instead of thinking of what will happen if it doesn’t work out… think on what if it works! Look into the reward of making it so.  There’s another book that shows you how to create a map… Mind Mapping. I can explain later but in essence you will take a thought and carry it out freely without allowing all of the distractions to keep you stuck in the what if it doesn’t work category.  We will explore that in the next post. until then I invite you to think on the things that bring you love, joy, peace and harmony of life. These are free.  Updating your mind is similar to rebooting your computer… if it’s stuck it’s time to re-boot and get things moving along the way they are intended to move.  Please take a moment and make comment and let me know what you think about this post! et

Hotep… God Bless… and have a Great Day!  

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