Updating and Making Changes

Hello Everyone,
Well of course we all must find a way to make sure we follow the directions of all policies and site regulations etc. This site is my afilliate portal and I am shutting down a lot of the silly unfinished sites and working on driving traffic to one or three cool places. The other thing I want to make sure of is … all of my visitors should know I am a User of everything I show you on my site. I also want to give props to those who I follow here as well. Periodically you will see a shameless mention of their names so please do me a favor and check them out as well.

Ok so what am I doing now… Getting my traffic hits up. By getting more hits on my site I will also get more subscribers. When you choose to subscribe you will get access to every tool I use including some video footage of my live courses. So keep you eyes open and thanks for visiting. Need more Traffic? Click Here!

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