Understanding Youth in Transition Wrap Up

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The class was filled with everyone from a Parent with two children with Autism to a newly selected Youth transition Coordinator. It was great! The air was charged with questions and great expectations for a 3 hour power session designed to explore the topic of Youth and Transition. For me it is a great topic that will need a lot of support from those who are the providers of services to those parents who are wondering; What will happen to my son or daughter after graduation? How can I help my drug dependent child be successful? What do we do when the supports we have had for 15 to 20 years suddenly stop! It is a topic that demands the attention of all providers large and small.

Attendees wanted to know about helping our youth gain meaningful outcomes through improving their lives. In the audience was a wonderful new business owner who had began a Transition program named Ms. Danielle, who said…”It was something that I needed to stay Inspired!” I was reminded by her comment that not only was this workshop dedicated to helping the attendees gain insight into Youth Transition, it was also built to Inspire! and to motivate and empower those who attended.

So many times people attend training that is dry, non-engaging and very slow paced. There is a time for that… It’s just not for me! (smile) I like fast hitting active participation in my training. So as we engaged there was a time where I covered challenging the beliefs of our youth by using a Disputation!  It is a simple process where we ask questions and then we expand the possibilities.

So here are the keys: Dispute the true belief in order to help them get past where they might be if where they are isn’t working for them the way they want.
Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you have a youth who is engaged in “Drug Use.” This can and is a very damaging practice and most young people who do drugs believe they are invincible. They can live forever or the exact opposite they see no value in their lives and want to self destruct at all cost. Well as I presented I reminded them that in order for anyone to do anything they must have a system of belief to support it. To change anything you must challenge that belief that supports it… Here’s the A-B-Cs of Change! I call it a Disputation.

A-  What actions are supporting the habit or challenge?

B- What is the belief sustaining the actions?

C- What do you need to DO to challenge the belief?

If you can get them to change the belief you can have the actions produce a better outcome. Actions will change when your belief changes about what you are doing. It sounds too simple… “too basic…”  one of the evaluations said. The reality is most things are simple and they get complicated through over thinking them. So I invite you to take a moment and think of something you want changed…

Set up the Disputation and Do what you discover as a way to change your direction. Change is never change until there is Change. Let’s go change some lives… One simple challenge at a time.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it.

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