Understanding Your CashFlow

What is Cash Flow and Why is it important? The Business Dictionary states it this way…  In-comings and outgoings of cash representing the operation activities of and organization. I want to relate it to your family as you have money come in your hand… where does it go? How does it circulate or travel through your family? Are you broke by Monday? All the bills are paid but no reserves? In accounting, cash flow is the difference in the amount of cash available at the beginning of the day… and what you have at the close of business the same day.

Cash flow is increased by selling or providing more services, acquiring and then selling assets, reducing your spending (Get a free spending plan at Free Stuff tab above) an increase in things you might sell, paying out less, building equity…or borrowing more money which again we don’t recommend. Depending on how you have money in and out… will determine your Cash Flow…

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