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Here’s another interesting online information opportunity in the area of my interest… traveling and training!  I would like to be known as a traveling trainer. Not only would I train in my local area but I would travel to cool places and perhaps get an opportunity to relax in the most amazing places. Wanna Go? How about getting a little bit of relaxation and relating in the Bahamas? Now of course if you were on the east coast you know recently Sandy came through blowing all types of dreams to the wayside but as always… it’s natural for the storms to come in and clear the way for new things, ideas and in some cases, renewed desires to go to exotic places.

I sat in a very informative workshop today where I found out how a person with disabilities could make money in the world of travel. Not only can they make money, they can help others make money as well. This is really cool because they can set up travel options for married couples, romantic getaways for couples and make a substantial commission from one of the premier resort providers, “Sandals All Inclusive Resorts.”

I was guided to take a tour of their really informative videos and picture based web site.  While I was learning, I was introduced to a blind agent. That’s right, an agent was at this training and he was blind. He did not have a travel trainer with him but he was using his cane. He was there as a guest of another blind person who has recently won an award for booking travel. I was sitting there thinking how many other disabled individuals are sitting at home listening to the radio or television when they could be here learning how to increase their income? I realized the word needs to get out to everyone, including those who are visually impaired or blind.  It was obvious that this person wanted to turn their part time into potential income and they were in the right place. I invite you to learn more about this amazing industry and the possibility of helping Individuals earn life sustainable wages or incomes instead of always volunteering or working for min or sub-min wage!  Sandals pays commission to lead people to their web site. You don’t need to close the deal… just get it started.  There were about 40 other people listening to how they can help couples and families take an all inclusive honeymoon, wedding or family vacation. They learned how to explain the reason why an all inclusive vacation could be the best trip you have ever planned. The potential income from assisting Sandals is endless.

Watch This:
No minimums not caps, no glass ceiling, no discrimination, no education requirement it’s amazing. You become certified and that’s like getting a real estate certification, x-ray technician certification, phlebotomy certification and any other certification that sets you a part form the average Joe blow.  So what should you do? Tell every individual you know with a disability that they do not need to work for sub minimum wage… or volunteer for ever, They can make money in the exciting travel industry.

As I have said. “my goal is to share information, build a network and make suggestions in the MLM industry.”  This is a great way for me to take my passion for training and my goals for creating multiple streams of income and merge them together. In my next post, I will continue to talk about Shifting Your Focus and No More Crumbs from the Table. I saw an excellent presentation about getting away from the crumbs! It’s time for you to do the same thing. If you want to help others have a better life share this site.

Thanks again and much success to you. Visit my Face book page too.    Let’s interact more!   Wanna know more about traveling as an insider? Go Here!

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