Training that Works… Part 3

Did you get the paper this morning? How many people failed to make it to Monday? They died with the best of who they are inside of them. The canvas of their minds were filled with amazing things that they never ever even attempted!

The truth is they either moved too slow… lost their focus or just didn’t do anything. The results are the same… lost excellence. People will never hear that wonderful song or view that amazing painting or touch that most precious creation. So how do you make sure you leave empty? I was listening to Les Brown many years ago and he said, “Where are you from? Where are you going and Why are here!” The Why are you here was actually first but I wanted to get the point across.

Many of those who transitioned into eternity left their greatness behind. Another great quote came from Earl Nightingale and he said, “People either lead or become followers of others. Most play follow the followers!” You were born to lead. You were created for domination. Now I am not saying you need to have dominion over people… but you do have the right to dominate your profession, your art, your skills and your talented areas. I began to dominate my area when I became a Trainer! I was creating training programs for a number of Human Service agencies all over California. I was making a major impact one agency at a time! It was amazing!

I started to have organizations call me to do this and can you create a workshop this conference etc. I created over 63 topics that were customized, not canned and in most cases not duplicatable. They all had a little bit of me wrapped in which made it difficult for others to do what I was doing and get the same or better results! There are a lot of people playing Golf but only one Dominating the sport… Warren Buffet would be an everyday Joe if he wasn’t dominating his area of expertise… the reality however is… there’s room for others! There’s room for you. It’s you turn. It’s time for you to make your mark with the amazing things that are in you, that no one else can quite do like you. Let me explain…

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