Stand Up or Fall for Anything…

“This is the place to understand how protests and love of country don’t merely coexist, but inform each other. How men can probably win the gold for their country, but still insist on raising a black-gloved fist.” –

                                                                                                                             President Barack Obama

Over the past few weeks we listened to sports commentators show us their true colors. The heart finds a way through the mouth to share what it hides. We have been watching two candidates for President, act foolishly, lie blatantly and back track on promises. With the world watching we see people being murdered at the cost of fear… ” I shot him because I feared for my life…” said Betty Shelby even though he was just a big black man, no prior violent crimes and clearly had his hands in the air as he walked to his vehicle.


Mr. Crutcher was dead… she was charged just as the officers who threw Freddie Gray, handcuffed in the back of a transporter, allowing him ti slide around like trash resulting in a broken neck and it was no one’s fault… all were acquitted. Just as a young man in Florida wearing a hoodie was thought to be a threat and after all we have to Stand our ground and the officer involved was found not guilty and young Travon Martin is dead, with no vindication. Dead Car Burglar… Dead DVD salesman… Dead Child playing with a toy gun… Dead Boy in the street for stealing cigarettes… Dead Naked teen running… Dead 64 year old man…Dead man in a wheelchair… Dead sleeping in her car after calling the police… Dead reading a book… Dead playing in Walmart. Dead.

I believe Standing against police brutality and blatant use of excessive force and murder of anyone in America or the world is valid. Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers  has it right…John Carlos and Tommie Smith have it right… This is a country where we don’t merely coexist… many have died for Freedom more for fighting against Inhumanity.

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