Disability is Just Different… Rion Paige

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I was changing the channel and noticed this amazing singer and thought wow she is good but the next person who came up to the microphone absolutely blew me away… I Googled her name on You Tube and what do you know… Rion Paige singing Blown Away!  In the work I do as a Vocational Director I meet parents who are safe, who keep their child’s talent hidden from the public because of the disability. Here she is 13 years old and God has given her this amazing talent and wonderful Spirit! So do people continue to look on the outside making judgments or do we provide person centered opportunities that tend to unearth the natural talents of our children.

I love what her Rion’s mother had to say…  Take a look… and if you want more click here

As providers who work with people with disabilities we need to do more to bring out the best of those we support. I want to encourage others who work in this field to truly support people not just care for them. Support means going the extra step, creating an extra moment doing what ever it takes to bring out the best and make things happen for those who have some barriers whether physical or intellectual.

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