Mingo Bingo Anybody?

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Last night was a very busy one in the neighborhood as usual. As a board member of two non profit organizations I am always looking for ways to improve the services we offer or the supports we provide in the community. The Foundation Center of DC was having a mission driven business mixer and it was excellent. Not because it was right on K Street in Dc and not because I was able to park for less than $7.00  and it was easy to locate a place… but because I met some fabulous life changers.

I need to give a few shout outs to some very creative organization Owners, Board Presidents, Directors,Executives and even a few practitioners. I first met Brian who has a Real Estate Investment Company but he was at thew function to discover how to start a Foundation to serve young people in the area of STEM. As I mixed through the room another encounter was with Kristin and she was the Director of the Neighborhood Farm Initiative. Her support organization is serving over 200 students and they all are engaged in learning how to effectively create and sustain farms that grow real food right in the hood! Awesome!  One of the task I had as I moved through the room was to discover, “who was a Vegan.” I noticed two ladies talking with each other and one was wearing a beautiful Indian or African garment that was very attractive to the eye and seemed to be made of fine linen with very ornate design. I walked over and quickly introduced my self only to discover that Yes Ms. Edith is a vegan! and not only that, the lady she was speaking with is a holistic practitioner in the area of whole body wellness. Her name is Ms. Beatrice.  The time frame to meet people was specifically set by the host and most conversations were limited to 2 to 5 minutes. It was refreshing to meet over ten new people who all had something unique to share with one another.  I continued about listening and sharing and met up with Lisa. Now Lisa is a Consultant from LisaVogt.com in the areas of communication, digital media and a strategist. She can help any organization improve their public relations efforts or marketing. Lisa shared that due to some reorganization in her field she was expanding supports to the community and she wanted to help build others.  My pastor Dewayne Freeman from Spirit of Faith Christian Center talks about how we as believers need to be Others minded. always looking for ways to empower others and make a difference in their lives. Lisa was doing exactly that. She was speaking with a young lady who wanted to expand her home business. She and her sister have a company called www.pFitwear.com her name was Shenandoah. There was true diversity in the room… everyone wanted to ensure they were on purpose.

Dwayne Ross Niche Marketing Success
Niche Marketing Success

As you know my book talks about that… Purpose! We all have one. That leads me to a gentleman I met named Matt. He is the blogger who has the blog catholicfriedrice.blogspot.com Matt and I shared the idea that there is one constant denominator relating to most men who find themselves as adults facing problems and it is the lack of a father figure.  He is currently using his purpose to write a book titled “The fatherhood.” As you may know i wrote No More Crumbs from the Table as a result of a workshop designed to help people locate the gift, talent and ability they were born to do.

What do you have a passion for? What were you born to do? Maybe you should play Mingo-Bingo!       More on this later!

Please leave a comment and God Bless!     DR.

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