How to use a Simple 3 Step Business Plan

Here’s another cool tip from Dwayne Ross the author of No More Crumbs from the Table
Here’s the question? Do you only count on your pay check? If so what happens if for any reason you are not able to work for your paycheck?
Here’s three things you can do right now…

1) 25.00 Start the biz
3) Commit to building a biz through inviting others to do steps 1,2,and 3
2) Find 4 people to tell about this biz

Sounds really simple doens’t it? Well actually I can tell you I did a whole lot of things that were much more complicated to make $25.00 Are you going to meetings every week with the hope that someone you invited actually shows up? Are you calling people you haven’t talked to in months to tell them about this great business opportunity? If you have done any type of business building I bet you answered yes to those two questions.

This is the age of information and the way to do things gets easier and easier when it comes to this type of business building. The truth is I failed at doing what the gurus told me to do. I once drove all the way to Tulsa Oklahoma to meet up with a really good business recruiter. My goal was, if I meet this person and obtain is knowledge I would be successful. I was for a while… but I still didn’t have 1,000 members on my team and make a million dollars. I believed in the concept, but I still was missing something. It was my Invitation! You can never say the exact same thing to every single person you meet. You will vary in speed, tone, attitude and God knows what else. The missing equation was how do I invite with the same power, passion and purpose no matter what. Duplicate Success… Use a Video. The video will not change, the message is crisp every time and it won’t have an emotional moment where maybe it will lose the person’s interest. It will say the same message to every single person 100% the same. So here’s what I invite you to do. Click on the Video below and then click on the link after the video. Sound simple enough? The steps are simple, easy and anyone can do it. Watch Video, click on link below video. That’s my plan. Send 10 people per day to this site, to do this one, two three step business plan… Care to join me? 2 out of 10 will sign up… 1 out of 2 will join… 1 per week equals… See you at the Top!

Watch this Video:

Now Go to this Link: The Sizzle Link!
Well I know I don’t have all the answers but… I will do what I can to help. This is Dwayne Ross asking you to leave a comment if this helped you and take good care of you. Be blessed!

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