Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012

Dwayne Ross stops by to say… 

This is just a small little post to ask everyone to not only have a wonderful New year’s Eve but truly be safe. There’s a lot coming in the next 12 months and I believe it is up to you to do something about every single area of your life. You can allow life to continue to act on you or you can take action in life.

Happy New Year New York!

Good comes with the bad, it’s the Ying and the Yang so don’t allow yourself to get stuck on the yang when it should be a Ying! For me I get my peace from the creator God. Some may say they need a higher power, universe or some other form, others say they are their own god, and somewhere in there is truth.

Be your Truth!  In 2012     Be!  

You were created for Purpose, On Purpose with Purpose…

        You were created for good not evil…       No mistakes! 


Thanks for stopping by

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