Finding Jobs for the Disabled

Overcoming barriers to employment for those who are disabled is a very engaging task… but it must be done. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is above 70% Seventy percent! and it’s time to do something to reduce this number… here’s how.

Dwayne Ross is an author, speaker and trainer in the area of Human services and youth development.

If you want to hire a person with a disability these days it might not be so acceptable to those who are without a disability.
The job market is flooded with able bodied people who want to work but… what about our vets? those with autism/ intellectual disabilities, downs syndrome or in a wheel chair with a limb missing? What can we do about this?

End the use of the "R" Word add Differbility
Diff-Ability and Inclusion

Each one can hire one! ┬áIf you own a business why not hire a Vet with a disability or someone else int eh community. Along with the hire you will usually not only get a new hire but the person can have support at the same time. Maryland Governor has appointed Tim Shriver (seen here ending the “R Word”) to lead the nation on Inclusion. So the task of training this person… Read more here

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