Employment vs. Work

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This a short post for the end of 2011.

As we begin to check our goal sheets and see where we are for 2011 it’s time to truly locate the real Goals. As an employed individual I am always engaged in work as well. Not that I don’t want to work all the time and quit my job, because the fact of the matter is my job is truly more sustainable right now than my work. Most of my work is done as a free service to the community or a small stipend when agencies don’t have the finance’s to pay the actual fees for a customized trainer. I create the training specifically for the organization.

In the “Shift Your Focus” series however I will talk mostly about Work instead of employment. The reason is simply because you may not always be able to locate a job but you can always find work. Someone always has something that needs to be done. Look around your neighborhood and you will see a fence that needs to be upgrades or fixed, a roof that needs repairs, a car that needs a wash and the list is endless. The Fastest Path to Creative Income is right outside the front door. Go Make More Money in 2012! Make Money? Yes! Make a dash for the cash. Ask your everyone around you, what do they need done! Then go do it. If you don’t have the skill to do it, maybe you can be the contractor and sub the work out. Go find the labor.

Example: Lets say you were asking folks about what it is they wanted and they said I need my carpet upgraded and hard wood floors put in… and you don’t know how to do this. Well you can get on the phone and locate two people who can. When you get three bids you will take the best bid with the best references… Get references! When you give your bid you add a few dollars for your finder’s fee. The small fee above what you negotiated will pay you, the actual workers and a little left over and the person needing the work gets his carpet upgraded and hard wood floors installed! Win win… all the way. What did it cost you? Did you go back to school?

The truth of the matter is that most people just want to complain about jobs and the lack thereof instead of going after the money.

One more thing… if you do something well, lets say you know how to organize things… then go organize. Let people know that’s what you do! start I-organize-things-for-you dot com (not a real site) Work is all around us. Don’t get caught in the economic mis-information of our congress etc. I watched a episode of Maude remember that show from the 70’s and guess what they were talking about? how the US economy was doing so bad and how Walter, Maude’s husband needed to file for bankruptcy because of what? the economy!

Go find Work… Create What you Want!

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