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Dwayne Ross provides staff development training for human service agencies and community organizations that seek to improve humanity.

Dwayne Ross continues to talk about “Employment for At-Risk Populations”

JOB!  Just enough to not get fired… Just Over Broke… Just to pay the bills… Just this and that.  Wow! spelled backwards Wow!

So is there a difference in what people consider a job versus the work they came into the world with? I believe it is and i don’t plan to convince you if you believe differently but In my next few lines, this truth is my foundation. Go get a job, dad said to Mike… If you don’t graduate from College you will never be able to get a good Job, said Mary to her grandson… Look young man, it’s time you learn about the facts of life… You Need a Job!  It’s universal in most cultures, grow up get a good education go get a good job. And we bought that hook line and sinker until we ran into the millionaire who drop out of college or should I dare say the Billionaire who’s name is represented by the success of nearly every computer in the Nation, Bill Gates. Was  it a job that he tapped into or was it something deeper? Now I am not saying education is not important because well it is but have you looked at general job descriptions lately…

“Must have an accredited degree from a known College or University recognized by the Board of Regents…”

“Now hiring, entry level position as a business administration clerk, must have BA in Business Administration; Salary starts at $21,100.00”

Twenty One Thousand Dollars per Year! Now of course this may be a small exaggeration but you get my point. The competition for some types of jobs are truly built on the skills of the person but what if you have an excellent programmer for you Software company but wherever he or she interfaces with the customer, there’s a conflict in personality or in some cases the person has very limited people skills… do you hire on ability or skill?

Take a look at this definition of Job.   A group of homogeneous tasks related by similarity of functions. Stuff people do.

When performed by an employee in an exchange for pay, a job consists of dutiesresponsibilities, and tasks (performance elements) that are (1) defined and specific, and (2) can be accomplished, quantified, measured, and rated. (copied from Dictionary.com)

In my introduction video clip, here’s what I said in Dallas to a group of professionals at a “No More Crumbs from the Table Session…”

Mr. Raul Fernandez, CEO of Proxima back in the 90’s made a very unique statement about people who are educated… he said, “It makes no Difference.” Now he did not say it was important, but he was letting everyone know that in his business, he could hire educated individuals who lacked common sense, had no ability to make things happen or even know how to start a conversation or he could look for the person who had the abilities he needed, transferable skills, or natural affinity and train or educate later.  A job is essentially something you Do… Work is something internal that you bring to everything you do. In his talk, being a No limit person author and speaker Wayne Dyer said it like this, “You bring it to everything that you touch… you don’t learn to be a good father, you already are a good father in every sense of the word.”  You are a piece of Work! lol.

let’s talk about Work in the next post. If you are enjoying this blog please leave a comment. I review all comments so please no spam comments.  Thanks…                                         DR.

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