Employment First? What about sub minimum wage?

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Today I was engaged in a workshop where we talked about the Maryland State position on work first or “Employment First.”  So what exactly is the Employment First Initiative…   “And being the first and preferred outcome for working-age youth and adults with disabilities, including those with complex and significant disabilities, for who working in the past has been limited, or has not traditionally occurred.” In other words the first step after High School will be that Individuals with disabilities and even those who do not have a disability but are tied to some form of services will need to engage in finding work… getting a job, before they engage in other things like activity based programming. The goal is to begin the transition process with work and employment as the focus instead of care and basic support.

Locating the right job, or work requires everyone to get involved. The parents, the case managers, the resource coordinators, the job coach, the employment specialist the job developer… everyone connected to the individuals will be engaged in discovering exactly what it is that the person can actually Do!     Check this out! Click Here.

More on Self Employment as an option…  


During the processing of the workshop today we talked about how important that discovery is. So many people go out looking for a job to fill… a place to fit in. My expereince is that we need to carve, customize or create. This is the best practice as outlines by the pioneers of “Customized employment” and it works well for those who are engaged in the employment first initiative. 

Want more… Check out Eric!

Take a look at this to learn more about Maryland’s Employment First Initiative.  I will be posting more from the workshop along with comments and answers from those who attended the workshop today.  Employment First is what we should all do… no matter how significant the disability is. I believe self employment and micro-enterprise however is one major way to level the playing field and make employment reachable to many who struggle trying to fit round lives into square opportunities. care to join me? Leave a comment and get a free cup of coffee on me!                             God Bless!

Another resource for Self Employment Click Here.

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