Employee or Ownership… What’s best for our Youth?

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For a while now I have written about humans services, multi-level or network marketing, training tips and youth development. I was listening to NPR National Public Radio where the topic was dedicated to issues surrounding  the unemployed college graduates. This topic also made it’s way into the debates.  Youth development in High School teaches young people how to be employees even when society is teaching them to be the “Boss.” The fear of many of the students is that the market recovery is not producing enough jobs for all of the graduates. Another factor is the under-employment experienced by many of the graduates as well. They are getting part time jobs… in fields out of their career choice and some are plain frustrated.

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My belief is that if you really think about the issue… it’s a choice between working for themselves or someone else. To work for them selves they still need to have good work ethics. It may also require some specialized skill. I’d like to offer a few thoughts about this… Let’s say they like to talk about snow boarding? or You Tube or The Voice or maybe President Obama and the issues facing our world. How can they take those events or ideas and make money? If they are in college to learn a special skill them most likely they will get a job in that area but if they are earning a degree in say Liberal Arts? where will they start once they graduate? I am actually dealing with this topic as a Out of the home dad. (another blog topic later) with my daughter. She has changed her major three times in one year. Her friends have changed theirs as well. One just decided not to major in anything because she is afraid if she picks one she will not be able to get a job later… it’s very frightening to say the least. So here’s the choice… be an Employee or an Owner.

I teach in my workshops, that you need to own a small business while you attend college. You really don’t need to worry about what it is you want to do the first two years because things change. Once you get to year number three focus. Blogging like this is another way to make money part time as well. The fun is getting paid to blog, but how?

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