Do what you love and get paid for it!

Dwayne Ross shares a simple formula for what he does to make sure his life includes the things he loves to do.

Success magazine had an article about People who were living the dream. Living by their terms and not needing to answer to anyone. It made me think about my own life when I was doing what many would call, living my life on my terms. The best of times was cool. I was flying here and there spending days in many places meeting all types of people and spending money fast. I remember being in the Airport waiting and sitting across from me was Pam Grier. I can remember standing on a stage getting ready to speak and the speaker coming after me was Les Brown. It was amazing! At one point I had even been in Los Angeles with this fairly unknown guy named Jack Canfield. I didn’t realize I was actually living my dream because I was too focused on getting there. I remember speaking for about 45 minutes and the payment for that day was $2500.00

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It wasn’t about money for me it was about doing what I loved… Speaking to groups and watching people take a chance on them selves.. watching them Change. How are you living? Pay check to paycheck? Crisis to crisis? It’s time to brush yourself off and get back into the game. Break out of the mold. It’s good to be a person going across the current. If you are working you job, keep working but start planning. Set up your next move… Go for the gusto. Do what you love to do and get paid for it. I love to create. So video creating is fun for me. I can start a project and it may take me four or five hours maybe even more to create but I have fun. Time passes so fast because when I am creating, I’m in my zone. So maybe you came to this site to find out How can you make money getting paid for what you enjoy. Where here’s a video of a guy who started a few years back and is now a nationally known consultant in the field that I am just breaking into. His name is Stephen Pierce. He was at the Empowerment Conference I attended in Baltimore and here’s what he has to say about making money with Click-bank… not sure what that is?

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