Creating Income with an Affiliate

You can create income with an affiliate by becoming affiliate marketer. While Americans are looking for jobs you can build a residual based home business. The problem most people ask about is, How can I make money? Most Internet Marketers are not making very much… but I found out if you just stay focused, stop jumping to the next best product launch and take some time to launch your own product or relaunch an old product you can do pretty well.

I updated my cashflow2freedom introduction and here’s the You Tube Video… Hope you enjoy it.

Creating income with an affiliate is simple, duplicative and easy to manage. If you look around you will see that the CashFlow2Freedom videos are all over the internet getting passive traffic. I respond to my visitors with a warm welcome as well as the auto responder. This is my topic key… Don’t leave it up to the auto responder only. Take out a minute to send a personal welcome just saying hey I saw you visited my site and let people know you are not just interested in their joining your this or buying your that but you truly are here to guide them until they can stand on their own.

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