Creating a Presentation with Prezi

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I was looking for a way to create a presentation when I realized my new computer did not have Power point installed in the Microsoft package… uggghh! I’m looking to go MAC and I won’t be back! Any way I thought I would make a quick post to share with you how cool and simple it was to make this presentation of the YTB Travel Site.

As you know power point is linear and it turns pages like a book but with this Prezi it is like looking into information by changing focus… going into a picture and discovering more information.. really nice. I added video as well and that was as simple as having the link. The soft ware did the real work and it was very simple to use. I watched a couple of tutorials and voila. Hope you enjoy this…

Click on the Start Prezi button… at the bottom click on the arrow forward or back.
When you see a video just click on the “Play” button and check it out…

Watch it now! 

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