Blogging and driving traffic to your site
Hey there this is Dwayne Ross and I have something I think you should know…

Ok… so I was talking to a person about the business they were involved in and at the end of the conversation I asked… Do you have a web site? She said no, and her husbans said we send out flyers and give out business cards. I asked are you listed in Google? He said what was that? I asked a few other questions like, do you own your name? What name? the name on your business cards? Yeah… so what’s your domain name?
I don’t know? and so the conversation continued. I probed a little deeper just asking basic questions and realized they really didn’t have much going for the business online they just knew a few things and would need my help. I asked,”Do you blog or have a blog site?” Once again they were confused and tried to sound as if they knew what I was talking about. This is a story that is currently playing all over the internet. If you have business and you are not on the web… you are missing a very vital piece of your marketing equation. If this conversation sounds familiar, I can help. Not that you can’t Google and bing your way through because today you find everything you want to know about promoting and marketing your site on line… what I can do is save you TIME! I invite you to Click on the link at the end of this sentence and take a short Survey and by doing so you will be in a contest to get 38 minutes of FREE CONSULTATION Well this is all for now… I really look forward to helping you, so please leave me a comment and this is Dwayne Ross saying so long and God Bless!

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