Behind the Wheel Basics Part 2

Dwayne Ross here talking about and how come it’s easy to own an on line business. The only issue is who knows where to find you? Did you ever ask anyone to give you a call but forgot to give them your phone number? What will you do? Can you Google them? What happens if they Google you? Bing you or any other search? Will they find you? I have been able to get traffic to my site using a very small ad and a few keywords but I am meeting people who have no web site… no online presence and no way of knowing what to do to get people excited about the small low cost online business they have purchased. Well I want to help you get the basics so here’s another installment of my Behind the Wheel Basics.

I was driving home talking to myself as if I was on a television talk show and I thought why not just record this and see if I can help people. Some of the information may be old hat to you so it’s OK to share with someone who doesn’t know… for those over 45 who are just discovering multiple streams of income, creating residual income and the like.. this clip is for you.

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