Affirmations Who needs them?

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Affirmations… who needs them? Everyone does. I was at church and was listening to the Pastor speak and he was saying,”Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart…” and it made me think, why should anyone keep saying anything unless they believed it. The truth was, most people Don’t believe and by saying it over and over again they develop the Faith to believe. So let me say this again… everyone needs affirmations.

A Business Affirmation
A Business Affirmation

In the past few years the right perspective on affirmations have actually came forward. Back in the early 90’s people were saying all types of things that were not based upon any reality what so ever. They would find a catch phrase and use it as an affirmation. This was dangerous and in some cases quite the contrary to how an affirmation should be used. The reality of any human is that he or she was created with “Divine intelligence.” Now some would say no… we were Intelligently designed… but I would say lets agree to disagree and here’s why.  For the next few lines to make any sense to you , there must be a base of thought…. a foundation of truth if you will.

My foundation is that I was not evolved from a monkey or any such animal but I was the result of something much bigger and infinitely intelligent that I.  I believe in God of the Bible.  Because of this belief , I read the word in the bible that states, “God is with-in Me.” I was created in his likeness. I am another speaking spirit. By having God in my I can tap into his divine intelligence and with my belief linked to his intelligence I can change what is in my life, through reminding myself or flesh-man, that I can do all things and thus an affirmation can be used to support what it is I want.

Affirmations are truth words, that carry power to the belief system based upon repetitiousness to support that it is so. The dictionary say it this way,” an Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Specifically, it may refer to: in logic, the union of the subject and predicate of a proposition. It’s based upon what you Believe. The truth that you present to your belief system.

Example: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

"I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."

If you believe you are an ugly blog of existence, how can you change that belief? By making a New Declaration of Your Truth! It’s time to declare yourself as some of the things you think about. As in anything of course there’s more to it than saying a bunch of words… you must also couple that with actions. Affirmations require you to not only speak but “Act as if,” what you are saying Already exist in the reality of now! There are some specific elements involved when writing and saying affirmations… I will break this down in my next post.  “I want to help you say what you beleive and believe what you say when you say what you say…”    Okay! lol!

Next: The Elements of Your Affirmation

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