A Better Way than the Standard Voc-Employment Assessment?

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What do you do when the traditional vocation or employment assessment  or “Job Development” process doesn’t work? or it only reveals the standard fluff, fold, fith or flowers as an option for work. What do you really do to really discover the person’s natural personal genius if all that was done was to check boxes, talk to the “who saids” and interrogate the person to find out what they wanted to do?

After the battery of assessments, task anlysis, etc. and $13,000.00 dollars later, the staff says to mom… “I’m sorry mom… Billy can’t work, he’s severely intellectually disabled. He needs a day program or he should be in some form of activity based program.”  Wait-a-Minute, Hold-up, Stop the presses! Do we even know who Billy really is? Do we know what he likes? Do we have any idea of his daily life at home and in his commnunity? Most would say… No! and it’s not that  Direct Support Professionals don’t want to do a great job supporting people but in a number of cases, there’s much more to “Discover.”

I am in the second day of a really informative workshop titled: Pathfinders: Career Assessment & Planning Strategies presented by Griffin-Hammis Associates.  It was a 2 day intensity workshop where an alternative approach to the standard practices for many was challenged and the current alternative was shared as a best practice for the DD Community, serves to more severe disabled populations.  Having a pretty solid foundation in the field, I truly enjoyed the validation of some of the past post that you have seen here on my blog, but most of all I learned a better approach to getting to the results or outcomes most will be challenged to get in this climate of “Employment First” here in the state of Maryland.  By having a more comprehensive approach to locating the “Personal Genius,” we were challenged not to jump to conclusions or make career assumptions and it allows us to look for much better opportunities instead of placing people in the career box!  “It’s not a replacement for assessments, but a layered alternative…,” said Patty Cassidy.

One of the other instructors Doug Crandell shared his own genius with locating a job for someone named Barrie who most would have given up on.  As a matter of fact, he had placed Billy in a box as well… but he was willing to give an alternative a chance…

 Check out the results below!

So I guess it’s not a better way but a different way of identifying the best steps to take towards helping people truly discover what it is they can do and want to do and like to do.

Leave a comment about this post.  I plan to post more in this next few days on this toic as well.  Focus on success!


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