A Must See PBS Special

Patricia J. Williams wrote a very nice article about this story. It tells of how we as a nation reacted to a crime back in 1989 that was made into a PBS special on April 16. It was called The Central Park Five, which is a film by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon. This documentary, was recently shown on PBS and I watched it last night. After watching this, I thought about my own 14 year old son Jonathan and the movie 12 years a Slave and the contrast of today versus then… This film should be the Oscar winner. It was real, it happened and the truth is still being told now. Five young Black and Hispanic males were put on trial after being accused of raping and beating a then unknown white female as she was jogging in Central Park. Why was it OK for the City to leave their story and the law suit against the City unresolved? Justice Denied!

These young men; Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, Antron McCray, Korey Wise and Kevin Richardson had a day in court once the actual person was discovered and confessed as well. Not only was his DNA was present on the scene of the crime and in the victim’s body, convicted murderer Matias Reyes actually gave details no one knew and he also confessed, as they matched the evidence from the rape and other unsolved cases in Central Park.

In 1989 The New York Daily News reported this as a vicious crime...

Was it?  Click here

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DC MD VA Youth and Music Technology Tour

Hey young people This is Dwayne Ross and I have a question for you…

Do you have a musical talent? Do you dream about wanting to write and produce? Check out this interview with Music Technology Tour CEO J.T. Groove.

Interview with JT from JT Groove on Vimeo.

You’re into music, video, lights, sound or stage production? That’s why you’re here. And people don’t choose a career in entertainment arts. It chooses them. It’s why you feel such a strong desire to work with the musicians, engineers, actors, singers and producers in the entertainment industry.

Whether it’s studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio or television broadcasting, or working with a record label or artist management, it’s all about music! If you want to work as a recording engineer, a live sound mixer, record producer, or any other audio career, you will never be satisfied with anything else… this is the door to your future. This id Dwayne Ross and I just want to say…
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Waldorf MD Youth Training Coming Soon!

Dwayne Ross will be hosting a new workshop designed to help young people use the internet to create income. The workshops will be short informational based workshops that will show attendees a variety of Main-Street Marketing tips and help young people break into the online process of generating income.

You will learn:
What is SEO and how do you build it into everything you do online?
What is Internet Marketing and How to Make Money online?
How to make short Video commercials for small business?
What does every business need but few actually have online?
Why are Customers looking for your service?
How to help any company get Page One ranking in Google searches?
What should you charge for your service without being greedy?
How to start an Online Business on a Shoestring budget?

40% of most Small Business owners have a stagnant site or no site at all. You will learn how to design and develop a simple web presence that will get results. Every person who attends these short low cost web marketing courses will be able to walk away from the course and make money within 48 hours or less.

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Youth Development is one Key to Future Leaders

I was standing by the gym waiting for my daughter at her High School. While waiting I saw the bus line fill up with a number of young people and they began to jump off the bus through the back door. immediately, I thought about how things had changed.

When I went to school we could never jump off the back of the bus. We were taught to wait… We were taught to respect each other’s time… Most people may have seen a bunch of young people just getting off the bus for school but for me I saw adults who will not want to wait in any line, adults who may walk over others to get their way and so much more. Leadership is developed. Yes, some people have natural leadership abilities but it must be cultivated. 

It is time for boundaries to be reset. It’s time to teach our young people how to be leaders, not followers. One youth at a time! The next time you get a chance to observe our future leaders, take time to see if what they are learning adds up to good leadership. Chances are we can cultivate at any earlier stage and perhaps save ourselves from some of the things we allow these days. I asked my daughter, what did she think about it and she said, “What’s the big deal?”

I knew exactly what we would talk about on the way home. 

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Updated DwayneRoss.com Blog Site

Hello everyone,

 Thanks for stopping by. I have renovated this site and I invite you to come back again as I add content associated with all of the titles that I currently train on. Youth development is one of the hot topics as well as internet marketing for newbies.

Dwayne Ross and www.Paid2Travel.com

I plan to give you good quality information that you can put to use immediately, so come back and visit, bookmark this site and please tell a friend. 

Take care, God bless.


Dwayne Ross 


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