Speedy Presentations with Ignite Show

Today Dwayne Ross was working on getting some things done and clicked a link that was talking about having a 22 minute meeting…

You only have 5 minutes to tell your story. Stories are everywhere… This morning I had a story about waking up early before my alarm…I had another story about receiving a text from my soon to be 16 year old son asking for an iPhone 5S for his birthday but he doesn’t have time to call to say “Hi” Dad, how are you? What a story that is…  So if you have a story to tell maybe this is for you… It’s a cool platform that allows anyone who wants to participate an opportunity to host an event and plug it onto the Ignite website. Consider this… You have topics that you have a passion about and if you want to share it with the world you need a platform. Here’s one that is simple, easy and manageable. DR

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EcoXtreme Auto Spa comes to MD

www.EcoXtremeAutoSpa.com is a place to get the very best products for your Waterless Car Wash System. Haven’t heard of Waterless Car wash? Well there’s an amazing Industry that is slowly coming of age. I was introduced to this market by Mr. Wayne Dixon Jr. of EcoXtreme Auto Spa. At first I was wondering how in the world can you wash a car without water? There had a to be a catch so I invited him to do a demo.

Here’s Mr. Elliott’s video: Freedom is his brand but you can have your own brand, I will show you exactly how to create part time income.

Watch Me!

Well to my surprise it wasn’t 100% without water but he only used enough water for a small drink! No hose… No water all over the place… He came dressed in a suit and tie. This system is a new business that anyone can get involved with and it’s a billion dollar industry.

Why am I talking about it here at DwayneRoss.com you ask? Well I want to provide the young people a way to make money for their families in a way that you do not need a car to drive all over town… you can walk in your hood and create income! I want to teach and train 100 young people from the VA, MD and DC area exactly how to turn some really spare time into some serious spare change! You don’t need to look for a summer job when you can be the job!
Click here to learn more!

Do what you Love and get Paid for it pt 2

So I was wondering how can I add more value to the lives of the people I am sending to my web site? The answer was clear. Keep giving good content and let the site grow from there. To date I have not advertised the site at all. I have not mentioned it in any major articles etc. I have just been adding content. Giving people a little information here and there until i am ready to add my site to directories, ping it from a few sites, create the back links and all of the other basic free things you can do… then I plan to put the machine in motion.

Today I want to continue talking about doing what you enjoy or love and how you can use whatever it is to make money. I was laid off from a State job when I read a book about how to Do what you Love and make money… or Make Money with What You Love. I used to have a Lawn care service many years ago back in 1989! I had a truck and everything but I lived in California and the labor cost was something I didn’t prepare for. Over the years however i knew that if I ever needed a dime, I can go out and earn it, not wait or beg for it. So the next two videos are examples of how to go make money. The next time you son or daughter ask you for money, you may want to ask them how can they make money. Someone had a problem… Weeds…
I was able to Solve the problem and Make Money… Check it out!


From Weeds to Mulch from Contact MrRoss on Myspace.


After the Weeds from Contact MrRoss on Myspace.

Leave a comment and I will show you how to do exactly what I did. Do you have a talent? a skill? a hobby? a gift? Maybe it can be the very thing that keeps you afloat or it could put major Cash into your hands…

Visiting My Uncle D

Just sharing a little about my Uncle D. I recently visited him and this video will be taken down in about a week or two but I wanted family and friends to find it so it’s on this site. Please go to the You Tube sight to check it out as well.

Hey Uncle Danny… I love you!

Static website? You need Video… Here’s why

Something very simple Dwayne Ross wants you to know…

Why Video is the best way to sell and educate your customer? It was 2008 over nearly three years ago learning about the video advertising market. Yes, it was a slow process getting started but now… it’s nearly impossible to get true content seen if it’s stagnant. To make sure your company is getting your advertising out to the people you truly want to reach… use a video.

Here’s an Excellent reason Why:

Don’t waste time… this market is blazing and you don’t want to be left on the sidelines. You don’t have to hope you videos get seen learn exactly how to get your videos seen and ranked! I have some cool information for you and you can try it yourself or contact me to do it for you… Just let me, Dwayne Ross know what you need. Take care and once again Thanks for stopping by, God bless!

Get Traffic to your website… Here’s how!

Traffic is one of the primary reasons companies have web sites. Yes, they have them to highlight how great they are, inform the public about the company and things of that nature… but if doesn’t show up at the bottom line some place how efficient is it? So I pose a question to you the reader… Is SEO optimization Fact or Fiction?

What exactly can a SEO Research Report ( www.SEOResearchReport.com ) do for your company anyway?

Glad you asked. The Top 10 Ranking Requirements Score™ for the web site is: 41 percent.

“site meets 41% web page requirements for a Top 10 Ranking for the term “produce” on google. Note that all ranking factors are weighted equally and that there are some ranking factors that cannot be taken into account because search engines do not reveal the necessary data.”

One factor the report revealed, is how the web site has 59 other areas that are not being considered as the web site is located for the top search term “produce.” One other note the web site name is not the same as the company name. The funny thing is the company name actually has the word Produce in the name but it was not used when creating the web url. Imagine that!

Click Here to Watch the Video Now: www.SEOResearchReport.com Get Ranked by Getting your report.

Systems Work… when you don’t?

This was a short video talking about why you need a system versus going out attempting to tell the world about the next best thing. By having a system you can trouble shoot it when it’s not producing. If you are the lone ranger out there in the Internet marketing world you are going to waste a lot of time and money going in very small increments toward you goal. Jim Rohn says, you need a System. The Power of 4 System is easy to duplicate because all you really do is invite people to take a tour of your web site. If they like what they hear they move forward… if not they move on. If you use the LOA or Law of Averages on your behalf… you can win. If you have been looking for a job and putting in application after application, while you wait why not take a moment and create income?
Check out this short little video:

Take the Tour Today… It won’t cost you a dime… just a lil time.
watch it and leave a comment. Thanks!

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