Affirmations Who needs them?

Dwayne Ross provides Staff Development Training for Human Service & Workforce Development Agencies

Affirmations… who needs them? Everyone does. I was at church and was listening to the Pastor speak and he was saying,”Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart…” and it made me think, why should anyone keep saying anything unless they believed it. The truth was, most people Don’t believe and by saying it over and over again they develop the Faith to believe. So let me say this again… everyone needs affirmations.

A Business Affirmation
A Business Affirmation

In the past few years the right perspective on affirmations have actually came forward. Back in the early 90’s people were saying all types of things that were not based upon any reality what so ever. They would find a catch phrase and use it as an affirmation. This was dangerous and in some cases quite the contrary to how an affirmation should be used. The reality of any human is that he or she was created with “Divine intelligence.” Now some would say no… we were Intelligently designed… but I would say lets agree to disagree and here’s why.  For the next few lines to make any sense to you , there must be a base of thought…. a foundation of truth if you will.

My foundation is that I was not evolved from a monkey or any such animal but I was the result of something much bigger and infinitely intelligent that I.  I believe in God of the Bible.  Because of this belief , I read the word in the bible that states, “God is with-in Me.” I was created in his likeness. I am another speaking spirit. By having God in my I can tap into his divine intelligence and with my belief linked to his intelligence I can change what is in my life, through reminding myself or flesh-man, that I can do all things and thus an affirmation can be used to support what it is I want.

Affirmations are truth words, that carry power to the belief system based upon repetitiousness to support that it is so. The dictionary say it this way,” an Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Specifically, it may refer to: in logic, the union of the subject and predicate of a proposition. It’s based upon what you Believe. The truth that you present to your belief system.

Example: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

"I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."

If you believe you are an ugly blog of existence, how can you change that belief? By making a New Declaration of Your Truth! It’s time to declare yourself as some of the things you think about. As in anything of course there’s more to it than saying a bunch of words… you must also couple that with actions. Affirmations require you to not only speak but “Act as if,” what you are saying Already exist in the reality of now! There are some specific elements involved when writing and saying affirmations… I will break this down in my next post.  “I want to help you say what you beleive and believe what you say when you say what you say…”    Okay! lol!

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The Main Ingredient to Your Success

The Main Ingredient to Your Success

Dwayne Ross provides Staff Development Training for Human Service & Workforce Development Agencies

In my youth development sessions and customized adult training, I usually tell them, “You are the main ingredient to your success!”  What? Don’t I need a twelve step program? What about my psychologist? I know I need a mentor! Tell me more…  I was told if “I was the problem there’s no way I can be the solution.” To believe that the solution is out side of your self is to say that you are being controlled by something bigger than you and that means you will never be in control of your own life. That is to say, God or the devil made you do it! As a free moral being on this earth, not driven only by your whims and urges you have the ability to change anything in your life including your circumstances. What if I was blind?  You still have the ability to change the circumstances.

As a training instructor, I am always engaging this topic of change as I present on anything out side of the technical use of a widget or tools etc. In the work shop No More Crumbs from the Table, I actually take each attendee through an excercise designed to answer the questions about “Success.” The book is written in the form of a biography telling about things that happened in my life from my life’s perspective and I take short pit stops to glean out of each section a life lesson or learning that anyone can use to change their lives.

Originally, I conducted the workshops for the welfare to work program in  California. One day as I was ending the workshop a young lady came up to say thank you and she asked may I have a copy of your book? I said I did not have a book and she said you should, smiled and walked away. On the plane back to my town, I kept thinking about the young lady and the way, she said, “I should,” as if she already knew one day I would. Up until that day it was only a cool title that was being requested, and those who attended would send e-mails saying how it made a really cool impact on their lives and how they knew if they applied the things I shared they could make their lives better.  I was using the content in my orientations and because of the principles, I was getting excellent outcomes, many people were getting jobs, starting business’ and it was gaining momentum.

I can remember going back home and praying and waiting for an answer from Go and nothing happened. Well not at that moment, but I remember when I began to take a chance and start writing, it flowed from my fingers like water through a straw. It was effortless and that was when I realized my prayer was answered already. It was up to me to do something. I started to write.  The amazing thing about this was how I had written it on paper and not on a computer. It was in the form of a bunch of pads and things all in a file folder. I had a date and went to the movies but had my file in a box on my car. Upon leaving the movies, I realized someone had broken into my car and stolen the box containing the file folder and some other important things and I was devastated.

I couldn’t believe this happened to me. Where were my angels? I mistakenly thought as many would I guess that was not meant to be. Some of us react to other outside forces or we conduct our lives based upon the actions of others but in reality it’s always a choice. Now if I held a gun at your head loaded, and said do this or that…  you are still the one who must make the choice to do what I have said or suffer the consequences. FEAR may be the factor, but it’s your choice.


You are the main Ingredient! It’s not you mom, dad, lack there of, the drugs, the man, the color of your skin, where you were born, who you were born to or any of those things. It’s only You! Once you understand the truth of this you can make some changes.  Most twelve step programs say this and that and finally some where down the line they get to choices. In my workshops I tend to get to the choice first.  If it’s to be it’s up to Me.  Now when I was working with a group of case managers one of things some would say is, ” You can’t change anyone.” and I agree.  People must see a need to change for  themselves. So going back to what I saying about No More Crumbs…

I thought it must not be for me. I kept living and doing what I was doing until a second opportunity showed up in my life. This time I began to write and once again the information came from my heart as if it was song of love. I used a computer this time and I located a editor. Now the first editor did not have an understanding of what I was doing so I had to get another editor a bout 2 years later.  Long story short the second editor was a middle school educator and writer as well. I can recall going back and forth and how many times she said, “This is really easy to read and I can see lives being changed with your book Dwayne, don’t let it sit on the side lines.”  I believed what she said and I saw that it would open a lot of doors in the speaking arena and I would become like Zig Ziglar or Les Brown and millions would know me and … and… whew. was I wrong, at least at that time.

Les Brown and Zig Ziglar

I thought it would happen based upon my genius and ability but the reality was, I was waiting again. Waiting for people to discover me, call me and invite me. I wasn’t being the main ingredient I was being one of the ingredients and that’s a big difference. I decided to brush off my old dreams, blow the dust off of my old thoughts, stir up my gift and get back out there with this program and with this book.  I am certain the topic is still a hot topic because everyday I meet people who are tired of their jobs, don’t know what they want to do after retiring and some are dying. Yes I said, dying. I heard about a person who retired after working for the government 35 years. He was still young but was losing his memory after a prostate cancer operation. He was losing his reason for being and wasn’t able to tap into his greatness. He thought his greatness was his job, so once he stopped working he stopped living and began to exist.  Are you existing?   Find out how you can live your dreams and go after the gifts inside of you.  Check out No More Crumbs from the Table. If you have a group of people who want to have a workshop customized give me a call or send me an e-mail.  You are the main ingredient to your success.  It’s time to live your best life ever.

Challenge your belief. Conduct your own Disputation! It is the art of challenging or disputing a limiting belief. Let’s say you want to go back to college… your argument might be “I can’t afford it, I’m too busy.”  Let’s look at the belief that is supporting what you are currently doing.  I call it the ABC’s of Belief. A=Argument, B=Belief that supports the argument and C=Challenge of the Belief  when you write the challenge (By completing my degree I will be able to secure higher level positions and increase my income) You can take it one step further by creating an Affirmation.  What is an affirmation?

Next post: Affirmations! 

The Main Ingredient to Your Success

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EMPACT Cont: Why do I do what I do?

EMPACT Cont: Why do I do what I do?

Dwayne Ross Training ; Pre-release Employment and Job Training  

Workforce Development and Staff Development Training

The question was asked; Why do I do what I do?   This is a very good question and perhaps I’ll start by talking about what I am committed to. Over a course of many years, by attending training to what my mission or goal happened to be, however the instructors were not always sessions engaging. I discovered that the information given was very vital to improving a process or adding quality engaging or in most cases the presentation was boring. The information was dry and I thought to myself “How would I make this training more exciting or engaging?”  I committed to doing just that, one training at a time.

During the “Introduction to Assembly” course at Douglas Aircraft Company, I needed to learn many things that were technical, like blueprint reading and drafting and it was hilarious, it was fun and it was informative. I stayed after to speak to Greg, the instructor.  I began to ask him questions about what he was doing in the class and why I was learning but also having a good time and he shared a few things that day that are staples in my approach to training. He said, “know your topic,” it needed to be something you truly knew inside and out (which comes by practice and experience) and secondly he suggested that I should “Use your unique personality.” If you like having fun, put it in the mix… If you like dancing, music, playing games etc. put it in the mix, whatever you like there’s a chance that someone else will like as well. I learned that being boring as a speaker or trainer is a choice.  I began my career as a Sheet metal mechanic and I volunteered to present a course titled, “Ethical Decision Making.” Little did I know that it was the seed to something bigger than I had imagined.  I was promoted into the Technical development team as a Technical Development Instructor.  It was during a presentation titled “Torque Wrench Certification” that I discovered my calling. I had taught a number of classes throughout Douglas Aircraft Company, but a student came up to me after class one day when I was training on “How to use a Torque Wrench” and said, I have never had this much fun learning about something that was so boring… thanks. Internally  I heard myself talking to Greg, three years prior. I had become the “Trainer.”

Fast forward nearly “21” years to the present and I hold on to the same principle that was discovered then that I have now… “People want a great experience when they take time out to learn anything and it’s up to me to impact them in such a way that they cause change, change their lives or change to lives of others.”        I am a Change agent!

I do what I do, to make the lives of others better. If I am training case managers they should leave my workshop and go do something better than they were doing it before they met me. If I am speaking to High School students they will look at what they are doing and make better choices than what they were making before they attended my workshop. If I am speaking to inmates or battered women or incarcerated youth they will have hope and choose a better path as a result of their time in my presence.

I do what I do because it’s a calling on my life.  It is something that I will do for the rest of my life. I know who I am and I know that the way I share information and the courses I have taught, have impacted generations.  Moms who did not have a way to identify their dreams are dreaming again, young ladies who gave themselves to men who let them down are taking a chance on themselves and their gifts. Men who walked away from their families and chose lives of crime and negativity are choosing to live differently and making a positive contribution to their communities.  It is awesome.

I am committed to making a difference in the lives of others. I never do anything good enough… good enough is never enough for me as it pertains to others. I live to be the best. To excel, to help people see in themselves the amazing gift they are to the people around them and to the world. Am I the worlds greatest orator? Presenter? No!  I am not. I am what God said I am. I adapted a saying from my personal mentor. “I am only as successful as the transformed lives of those who have crossed my path and applied the principles of my workshops.”

Dr. Michael Freeman says it this way,” I measure my success and the success of this ministry  (Spirit of Faith Christian Center) only by the transformed lives…”   

“Information with Revelation with-out Application equals NO Manifestation!

Many people including you… will take a course, sit in a meeting, attend a seminar, sit through a presentation, but will lives change?      What will you do with the information you learned from EMPACT?  

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EMPACT Changing lives on Purpose

EMPACT Changing lives on Purpose

Dwayne Ross Training ; Pre-release Employment and Job Training  

Workforce Development and Staff Development Training

EMPACT  Train the Trainer  October 22, 2011

This weekend a few new faces were among the attendees of the train the trainer workshop for the EMPACT program. The second part of the program focused on Communication and the foundational truths associated with the philosophy that drives the program. One of the new attendees was a young man who identified “Sleeping” as his passion. When asked what does he like to do in his spare time he said “sleep.” I am sure with all of the busy people in the world he is not alone in his quest to get a good solid days rest. We are all very busy and engaged in a number of things that swallow up our time.

The thing about time is … once it goes , you can not get it back.  Letting time just past us by is something we all must pay attention to.  At any rate as the young man continued to share we discovered he wanted to work in the Ballistic side of Forensics as a CSI.  By asking and answering a few questions the group was able to find out how he could move one step closer to his desired career goal.

Ms. Yvonne

During the session we began to talk about the 24 hour clock and how some people can find themselves using “I don’t have time,” as a major excuse for not getting things done. By not paying attention to time it is easy to find your self doing many things and being very busy but going nowhere.  Towards the end of the session I gave the attendees an observation sheet to ask them about the training and how it could be improved or if there was anything that they wanted to know about the information shared… clarification etc.

The young man asked… “Why do you do what you do?”  

I actually love to speak about my “Why” this subject is near and dear to me, so what I plan to do is answer this question specifically tomorrow. I will lay exactly how teaching, training and speaking became a necessary part of my life. It is the thing that I will do for free and never worry about getting paid. I love making a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy seeing the light bulb go on above their heads while they are sitting in a workshop or seminar or during a presentation.  By doing what I love, doing what God has given me a gift to do, I know I am…        “Changing lives on Purpose!”



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EMPACT Changing lives… continued

Dwayne Ross Training ; Pre-release Employment and Job Training  Re-entry program

Workforce Development and Staff Development Training

The E in EMPACT stands for Encounter
Have you ever attended an event and when you were introduced to someone you shared formalities, name occupation etc. walked away and could not recall any of the information shared? You have a meeting… but when you meet someone and they share information, you may possibly touch with a hug, hand-shake, a lot of eye communication and feelings of “I like this person” comes over you and once you walk away you can remember everything about them, even the color of their eyes, the shoes they were wearing and more… You just had an Encounter. In training it’s similar.

People should not only say man that was a good training they should have walked away knowing their lives will never be the same. They should feel they were transported into the material and if they use it things will be different.

During the EMPACT Train the trainer… the attendees were asked to participate in an activity where they had an encounter with others who were attending the workshop. Throughout the training I wanted to make sure they not only left with good information but they left knowing
I was placing a demand for change in their lives. That I knew that if they embraced the philosophy that drives the IMPRESS system they can truly see lives change in a matter of days. During the session one person who I encountered was Charlene. She shared her love for Fishing. During the exercise we identified a number of next steps that Charlene could take after attending part 1 of the Train the trainer.

Today I was looking at the lake here in Rocky Gap Maryland and I couldn’t help but remember Charlene. Gap

She could help people here learn how to place a lure on the fish line… she could take people out on the lake and learn how to cast their lines… she could come here and write a book about different types of bait used for fishing on the lake… the options were endless, but I’m not Charlene.

I can only hope that when she went home she had an Encounter with me! I hope she was thinking about Fishing like I was… even though fishing was her thing… not mine! Have you had an Encounter today? If not maybe it’s time for you to get up and dust off your dreams and attend the EMPACT workshop. Learn how to have more than a meeting, learn how to have an Encounter!

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Changing lives EMPACT

Dwayne Ross Training ; Pre-release Employment and Job Training  Re-entry program for ex-offenders

Workforce Development and Staff Development Training

October 15th 2011.
What can four women determined to make the lives of women who are incarcerated live better lives when they are released? They attended EMPACT! One truth that was shared with the attendees was how much people need others to believe in them. During the expectation session there were a few really good areas that came to light. Someone asked, “How can we help these women find their Voice?” another wanted to know; How can we help them make a life using the Gifts God has given them and still another wanted to know “What can we do to Empower women to overcome their life issues, such as drug use, prostitution, abuse, and discouragement and turn it into Success.” This training was a great first step towards making sure all women who enter into the program not only talk about their issues but they dig into them to find the “Success in the Pain of their experiences.”

It was the “Train the trainer” two part seminar for the EMPACT program designed to help at risk populations re-enter into their community after incarceration. The EMPACT program is the philosophy that drives the successful IMPRESS program written for Thomas Nelson Community College held at the Peninsula Jail in Williamsburg Virginia. The program was written as a workforce development program but soon became a System of Success dedicated to enhancing the lives of anyone exiting from incarceration.

During the session another key moment that happened was when the attendees were asked: “What is the best defense against Poverty?” One person shared how they grew up in an area some might consider “low income” or Ghetto. During her life as a young person she made a decision that she would live better than the conditions of her life. She looked into the Choices of her life to determine how having a Mindset for Abundance allowed her to move past what she was seeing with her eyes and create a image of wealth and prosperity in her heart of hearts.

This image drove her success as she became a business owner, moved into a higher income bracket and lives in a neighborhood far removed from the humble beginnings of her life as a child. By digging into the past she was able to see the amazing transformation of her life and how her view of poverty was able to help guide her into a better lifestyle. They learned how to “Transfer Expectations” from what is into what could be.

Identify the positives of the past and turn them into Action!

To learn more join the conversation by posting what you know about how you were able to turn the Pain from your past into Purpose… Possibility and Power… the Power to Change!

The attendees had an Encounter that created an EMPACT! Get the IMPRESS Booklet

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Training that Works… Part 3

Did you get the paper this morning? How many people failed to make it to Monday? They died with the best of who they are inside of them. The canvas of their minds were filled with amazing things that they never ever even attempted!

The truth is they either moved too slow… lost their focus or just didn’t do anything. The results are the same… lost excellence. People will never hear that wonderful song or view that amazing painting or touch that most precious creation. So how do you make sure you leave empty? I was listening to Les Brown many years ago and he said, “Where are you from? Where are you going and Why are here!” The Why are you here was actually first but I wanted to get the point across.

Many of those who transitioned into eternity left their greatness behind. Another great quote came from Earl Nightingale and he said, “People either lead or become followers of others. Most play follow the followers!” You were born to lead. You were created for domination. Now I am not saying you need to have dominion over people… but you do have the right to dominate your profession, your art, your skills and your talented areas. I began to dominate my area when I became a Trainer! I was creating training programs for a number of Human Service agencies all over California. I was making a major impact one agency at a time! It was amazing!

I started to have organizations call me to do this and can you create a workshop this conference etc. I created over 63 topics that were customized, not canned and in most cases not duplicatable. They all had a little bit of me wrapped in which made it difficult for others to do what I was doing and get the same or better results! There are a lot of people playing Golf but only one Dominating the sport… Warren Buffet would be an everyday Joe if he wasn’t dominating his area of expertise… the reality however is… there’s room for others! There’s room for you. It’s you turn. It’s time for you to make your mark with the amazing things that are in you, that no one else can quite do like you. Let me explain…

Training that works… Part Two

Dwayne Ross provides Staff Development Training for Human Service & Workforce Development Agencies

Changing Lanes…
If you were driving on a country road during the late fall and the trees were in transition to rest you would see the leaves falling. They are preparing for the next season or next level of existence.They have no choice to do anything but what they were created to do… you and I are different! We can do everything but what we were created to do including waste an entire life time!

“Most people Focus on what is and Never see what Can Be” Eisenstein

We get stuck in a rut, stuck in a career, stuck in negative relationships and so on. Many people will live a life of complacency, living below the created genius that they possess. I know because for a while I had lost my God given Confidence because I focused on what happened to me instead of how I made it through. I lost my job, my business went bankrupt, I closed my office and my kids were living in a house with the person I could not get a long with at all. They moved to a new state and I was fighting to keep up until I could not do it any more… I crashed.

Sound familiar? I was hurting from my self inflicted wounds and I allowed myself to live in the mess. I was in the woe it’s me, look what God allowed to happen to me… ooohhh look what you did! I was so focused on living in my failure I did not take inventory of what I had accomplished. My programs was having great results in the lives of my students but man my life was an absolute mess! I wasn’t hungry anymore. I gave in and started living by Sight! I taught a workshop (No More Crumbs) in California when one of the attendees asked me about my life. I had a book but was I reading my book? was I living what I was talking about? Where was my Fruit?

I failed to Feel it,(pain from mis-steps) Forgive (my self for mismanaging my moments) and Get On with It! (Feel the FEAR and Go After it anyway!) I had to dig in and make some major changes. So here’s step one: What have you been successful at? The Skill and Activities that you used to get there are still available to you. It’s time out for putting the Own-ess on others it’s time to own your future right now! No blame, shame or guilt… the water or milk is spilled… Wipe it up!
Take 100% responsibility of your now. Think about what you want, create a plan and then be about getting it. People will rise up to assist you, things will begin to get in your eye sight, your pathways will come across others who can use their influence and power on your behalf.

This training will work if you work it. You can not sit around waiting for a blessing to come your way… As far as I know we have one chance at making this the best life ever. Look at what you did that worked, and maximize it. Remember: It’s time to Restore Your Destiny. Faith is the substance of things Hoped for,and it can not be seen but it must be on the canvas of your Imagination. Think, think and think some more. What you think about, comes about. You were created to create! just like the creator… in the Image and Likeness of God the creator… if you Believe.

“It’s not what you Think you are that is holding you back… It’s what you think you are Not that is holding you back!”                                                                              Dr. Michael Freeman

update: Oct 25 2011

I want you to make a choice… to decide Now is all you have, not tomorrow… not yesterday…. not next week! Now! the last 2-3 seconds is what counts. So many times we live as if we always have tomorrow. We don’t always get another tomorrow.  Steve Jobs died and left his legacy but guess what… he was just warming up! Michael Jackson left an amazing legacy but guess what he was just taking off! Life is not a fairy tale and we all don’t live happily ever after… Leave it on the field! Coach would say.

I woke up and realized how many training workshops I had accomplished and how many cities I had been in… I actually have taught a workshop or seminar or key note in every county of California except two… 56 of all 58 counties have invited me to speak.

Am I a millionaire today? No!  I lived in the moment. Some would say that’s too bad… what do you have to show for such an amazing feat? Only memories. I did it. I know people who have never seen the beach and only live 30 minutes away. I lived near the Mountains and I knew people who never saw the view from on top of the mountains. Life is either a daring adventure or a boring existence, mundane day to day struggle. What’s it for you? What do you want it to be? Picture it on the canvas of your mind. Change lanes… Then go make it happen!  Don’t wait. Your life is waiting on you.

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Training that actually works!

Dwayne Ross provides Staff Development Training for Human Service & Workforce Development Agencies 

Help I need a JOB?
Last month I was able to find out that there are a lot of people working as Employment Specialist who are having a difficult time finding jobs for people. The barriers are very real but not so big they can not be overcome. So what do you do? How do you make sure you do not find your self in that long line of unemployed, under-employed millions that are having trouble finding jobs? The answer is create a job or make money! Ok here’s what I mean you can Shift your Focus from looking for a job to looking for work!
Work is something you bring to the table. Something you DO!

What is your Gift, Talent and Abilities? The System that casues your poverty can not empower you. Yes you can make a dollar here and there but if you don’t have a job that pays over $40 grand or $60 in some places you are working in the poverty line anyway. So here’s something to consider: as a trainer I was conducting a workforce development course and I used this example…
Job Vs Service to Many; Job Vs Products for Thousands; Job Vs CashFlow Entities; Job Vs Multiple Streams of Income; a Job Vs Profits… not Wages. What are you able to do very well without thinking too much? What can you do that people will pay you to do (honest not anything illegal or immoral) or pay you for? Do you have an idea that is still swimming in your head and you know it should be put to use on earth?

Farrah Gray was one of those people who made that leap when he was only 7 years old! That’s right he was 7 walking around with a briefcase instead of a lunch box… by the time he was 14 years old he was a millionaire! He had guidance, he had others around him to help but it was his idea. The world was waiting and when he birthed the idea, people paid him for it. Now I am not a millionaire but the principles work regardless. The reality is what do you have on the Canvas of your imagination?

Next: Changing Lanes….

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Low Cost Web Pages for New Business Owners

Welcome to this post and I hope it can help you if you received an e-mail from my most recent Mail Chimp e-mail Blast. I have met a hundred or more business owners who said they have a business but they did not have a web page, web site and domain name. I was excited because the purpose of my site id to help new business owners use simple systems to get them seen online.

So here you are a new business owner and someone says hey I can make you a web site but then you start backing out of the conversation because you think man this is going to cost a lot of money… until now. If you came to this site it is simply a word press blog site and it’s a way to park your information until you start getting traffic to your site or use it as a destination for those who pick up your business card.

A low cost web page for new business owners is exactly what most small business owners can use. The best reason is the fact that it’s simple to use, quick to set up and easy to update anytime you desire. With a blog you can get your message out about your company all over the internet for a fraction of the cost of any web designer. You can use a no cost template to get started and then update to a low cost theme if you choose to.

My hope is that you will check out the archived videos and previous post to get an idea of exactly how to get started. Now I am not an expert in this by no means but I am much further than anyone who is just getting started. You can create a low cost web site in less than 24 hours as a matter of fact if you follow these steps I am about to share you can get this going in about 3 solid hours just taking the step by step instructions I am sharing right here. Let’s get started…


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