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Hello Everyone,
Well of course we all must find a way to make sure we follow the directions of all policies and site regulations etc. This site is my afilliate portal and I am shutting down a lot of the silly unfinished sites and working on driving traffic to one or three cool places. The other thing I want to make sure of is … all of my visitors should know I am a User of everything I show you on my site. I also want to give props to those who I follow here as well. Periodically you will see a shameless mention of their names so please do me a favor and check them out as well.

Ok so what am I doing now… Getting my traffic hits up. By getting more hits on my site I will also get more subscribers. When you choose to subscribe you will get access to every tool I use including some video footage of my live courses. So keep you eyes open and thanks for visiting. Need more Traffic? Click Here!

What Andy Jenkins says about Blogs

My Affiliate site is HERE and it’s doing pretty good but the reality is my site here is to share information that may or may not be information I have created… in many cases it’s stuff that I found that works and the people seem to be honest etc.

I am so excited to have this portal for my affiliate site but more than that I have the ability to help you get the information you really need to make your online business successful. As I listened to Andy Jenkins 8 rules for Social Media Success I heard him say how important it is for us to stay relevant and give people quality content. I have heard this from many sources but I want to repeat exactly what he says because it’s important and it works.

Here’s what I mean, ” Social Media is not the end all to be all but it is very relevant to everything we do right now.” My son is a teen and today he posted “Good Bye Facebook… Twitter Here I come!” He then tweeted and his friends followed him to twitter to continue his conversation. He didn’t know that he was creating social integration in his message but it’s a key point for all marketers.

You will need to fade your message across platforms, from one media site to the next since people are now used to doing the same thing. If you have a web site is it connected to your social media site the right way? It should be a place where a person can go from web site to Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and so on. The information should be supported across the platforms as well. If you talk about Radios on your Blog, you should be posting interesting info on Twitter related to what you posted on Facebook and updated on you web site… oh yeah web sites. I am not using web site anymore, not that I won’t but right now I don’t need to because there’s a real problem with static websites… relevance and updates. Remember my goal is not to help a million people but to help my team members…. so what’z up!

A blog can be updated as many times as you desire anytime you desire for any reason. Most websites require the web master or others to do all the updating and posting etc. which could be a very expensive situation based upon how much traffic you already get to your web site. I also want control of whet my visitors get to see. If they were searching for me or perhaps Dan Thies or SEO Guru Blueprint for Social Media for Dummies you want people to find you. Now of course when they find you the information you provide must be relevant and exactly what they can use…. I watched this video and it was very clear that you need to do: Follow someone who tells it like it tis! So here’s a link to the blog Post Andy Jenkins made regarding the 8 Rules of Social Media Success but if video is your thing Go Here and watch it…

Thanks for stopping by. God Bless

Video & Postcards and Splash Pages Work

If you wanted to make money online and or learn exactly how to use a postcard, video splash page and telephone… this will work for you.
This is exactly how I did it…
I joined the Dana Glover Team of her Infinfity Downline program. The funny thing is I came back to my site yesterday to find out that Google removed my videos and closed my video site. The video that I had here was uploaded and used only as a marketing piece for this program. So what does that mean to me? I was confused and angry. I was not given a warning or anything just closed, like repossessed web site… it was crazy. For two days I asked Google to just let me know what was wrong. They didn’t turn of the ads on my site that they run… they didn’t close off the ads at the bottom of my site and they didn’t send my site to the bottom of search engine grave yard but they did wake me up. I had used them exclusively to post my videos and I did everything I could to make sure I followed the guidelines so how did my site get canned? Someone Flagged my Video as Spam. That was it. Simple and easy you can go to any site and flag it as spam and instead of checking it and making sure it’s really spam they just cut your site off. Any way I wanted to make sure that you were careful or more careful than I was. Be very sure to understand the guideline and follow the program.

Now again here’s my video that tells you where to go to get your own Post Card Marketing System by Dana Glover and you will join our team because after all she’s my coach. I am following her blueprint. Remember: System Work When People Don’t
By the way I used the Prosperity Marketing System for my Splash page… you can learn more by going to the following link:

To Learn about Affiliate Marketing…

Creating Income with an Affiliate

You can create income with an affiliate by becoming affiliate marketer. While Americans are looking for jobs you can build a residual based home business. The problem most people ask about is, How can I make money? Most Internet Marketers are not making very much… but I found out if you just stay focused, stop jumping to the next best product launch and take some time to launch your own product or relaunch an old product you can do pretty well.

I updated my cashflow2freedom introduction and here’s the You Tube Video… Hope you enjoy it.

Creating income with an affiliate is simple, duplicative and easy to manage. If you look around you will see that the CashFlow2Freedom videos are all over the internet getting passive traffic. I respond to my visitors with a warm welcome as well as the auto responder. This is my topic key… Don’t leave it up to the auto responder only. Take out a minute to send a personal welcome just saying hey I saw you visited my site and let people know you are not just interested in their joining your this or buying your that but you truly are here to guide them until they can stand on their own.

TCE DC/Baltimore Slade and Associates

Hey everybody check out this quick commercial… Just kidding this is just a test to show how easy we can use this system.

Thanks now go to Slade & Associates for more information

DC VA MD Video Marketing and Production by Marketing.DwayneRoss.com

It was fun learning what I needed to do to help every small business in my local area. I decided to do a test to make sure the system works. Remember Systems Work When You don’t. I used a local plumbing company and the results were excellent… they are still on page one after nearly (check it out) a year and they only used one search term. The owner did not want to invest online… He rather pay for a listing in a directory. I decided to leave his basis info there and check the stats etc. If he had one lead from the work that I completed to test his site to show him the value… it would be worth it, but I give away more than I should so I just gave it away.
He can check it out too.

The communication that your customer gets from finding you in a directory is… You will Negotiate the price. If you don’t… guess where they will go? To the next company in the same directory. Any way it worked. I invite you to learn about how to use the system for your business. It can be used for a business, a product or a person. I can help you get your company noticed! Today!

Slash Unemployment… Here’s How!

Main Street Marketing Machines, a new course to help stimulate the economy by creating more jobs for the American people, is threatening the unemployment rate in the United States. What a power-filled statement!

Facts: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate in the United States is 9.2%. If you are Disabled the rate is 78%

“My goal is to help Mike create one million business owners who make money! so I can retire wealthy,” says Dwayne Ross affiliate for Traffic Geyser and Main Street Marketing Machines.

As many business owners know, most of the traditional advertising such as yellow page ads, news-media and radio ads aren’t as effective as they have been in the past.

According to NAA.org, newspaper revenue has been declining since 2006, at an average of 13.12% per year.

As noted in a recent article post…MobileMarketingWatch.com advertisers spend more on digital than print, for the first time in 2010.

With the rise of online and digital marketing, poor traffic is causing great stress on some business owners who are unaware of how to effectively market their business on line, until now!

Listen up America… this is a huge opportunity to not only help small businesses in their area use the internet more effectively to market their business, but to also increase your income in the process.

People can start a business just like this from scratch… Details Here. I received a Post Card from a firefighter from Albuquerque, NM, named Mike LeMoine. Mike has a young family and was looking for some additional income. He discovered Main Street Marketing Machines.

He learned the success principles of making more money instead of looking for a second job… Providing marketing services to small businesses in his area.

With the unemployment rate in the U.S. at over 9%, people like YOU! are stepping into this new arena to make a positive difference in their own life and in the lives of others in the business community in which they live.

To learn more about Main Street Marketing Machines JUST GO HERE!

These Profitable Business Models Need Help


Ok so what is the Key? Strategy? Information? Know How?
You can’t decide who’s profitable based how many employees work at a company or the square footage in the office. Profitable Business Models are all around us every day quietly taking in high-margin customer transactions. Let’s see… How about… a plastic surgeon, or a bridal boutique owner, a CPA or a divorce lawyer. Each makes excellent money by patient/bride/client.

Do you think they need even more advertising? Do you think they would pay you to effectively help them get qualified leads? Our Survey says… Of Course they will. New customers are extremely valuable to these business owners, and they’re already paying to get poor results from advertising in the newspaper and Yellow Pages.

These companies are getting drained! They are spending money on marketing and advertising, (and willing to pay good money) for new ways to generate more customers for their businesses. They need your help. I want to show you a list of proven small business titles ready and waiting to do business with you. It’s simple when you use Main Street Marketing Machines. Not sure what it is… Check this out.

Social Media Marketing is the Key

If you are a small business and you currently have a marketing budget I’d like ask you a question. How much are you willing to spend to get quality results? Most are spending the same amount that was spent last year for less than average results.

The New Version of Main Street Marketing is here…
If you want to know what I use to get the results
I am getting then watch the video below.
This system works… Guaranteed!

To find out more or learn how to get traffic to your site with this system. Leave a comment.

Market Other People’s Products 1-2-3

Here it is again a really simple way to make money online marketing other people’s products. I received an e-mail from Frank Kern or it seems to be him. I get about 25 to 30 e-mails for JV partner type launches since my early days of learning about e-mail and online marketing.
You never need to make anything unless you really want to so. You can paste your information on your blog, on your web site and anywhere else on the net to get traffic to the link and let the link educate people about the offer. Sounds simple? It really is.

Check out the information below:

Click Here!

As an affiliate marketing agent the goal is to find something that others need and then get it in front of them. I don’t sell anything… I tell them to go to my site and that is it! so if you really want to make a profit Marketing Other people’s products… here’s a 3 step process… 1-2-3 and that is it.

Nothing more to do.     Really.                                       JUST GO HERE!
Hope you enjoy the Webinar and if you have a comment to make please do so and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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