Finding Your Lane of Greatness: 3 part DSP Series

Dwayne Ross is an author, speaker and training specialist dedicated to you and your staff’s positive success. 

The blog was off for quite some time due to a technical issue I have had with the host… Host gator has fixed the concern and I am ready to get back on track with your success. This 3 part series was created to give a tangible step by step process which will help staff have the type of impact that leads to personal growth and organizational excellence.

So many people have joined an organization with the idea that they want to make a difference and there are a few things that must be accomplished to make the type of impact that most organizations want. My focus in this series is the idea that there is a lane that staff need to drive in to have the success they want. The industry we will to focus on today is the Direct Support Professional industry. These are the people who work with some of our most vulnerable populations inmost communities. The DSP field is an entry level field and usually doesn’t require much more than a High School diploma. The work of a DSP is another story. They are expected to be mature, make life saving decisions, be caring and concerned about the use of the best life practices available when working with individuals with disabilities, our aged/elderly, mentally fragile, youth and of course our children. The jobs that they do require a sensitivity that in many ways can’t be taught. It starts with their internal drives and passion which is driven by a very clear why, not money.



Driven by why? Not money? Yes… a compelling why, coupled with the desire to make a real contribution is one of the best ways to build the staff in this industry.  I call it, “Finding Your Lane of Greatness.” This series a dedicated to the “Direct Support Professional.” If your job requires you to work with others who can’t quite do it all for themselves, this is for you.

Check out the next post where I will identify the three lanes I have seen most Direct Support Professionals drive their careers in. I hope to give you a clear step by step process that can help you provide the best services no matter if you have just started or have been involved with the DSP industry for years. Check out this video from LADD Inc a very progressive organization in Michigan, explaining why being a DSP is so rewarding… life changing!

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Web site was down… I was locked out. But…

Hi everyone,

Thanks for coming back and I hope to continue to add value to your life through my post. For the past few weeks I have been locked out of my blog and unable to post, update or anything. Some of you saw a blank screen until today.  What I realized is that getting the right technician makes the difference. I was online with a tech for over two hours and he was unable to help. I felt my cause was lost since they are the experts. Today however I called in again and a different person was able to not only discover a root cause for what was wrong but go in, update and fix the problem.  Would that be you if this was your job? Would you take the time to get to the root cause of the matter? I hope so.

Decide to give it your best… give it your all.  People are counting on you. So many people just do enough not to get fired… be the opposite. Set the bar… be the trend setter in everything you do. How will you be the one who sets the pace this week? Let us know…  post, chat or comment. DR.

Writer’s Workshop in Hampton Virginia

Welcome Back.

Every year for the past four or five years any writer who wants to be an author can learn from start to finish exactly what to do… not just information but actual step by step processes that get a book in your hands and of those who are interested in your topic.

To learn more about getting published… this is the event to attend. Not really able to get to this event but want to learn exactly how to self publish your book? You have come to the right place. On the right side of this page it’s time to get started… Subscribe or Join me and the rest will be history! I have a course that I teach at the community college and you can take the course from anywhere in the world.

#WriteYourStoryCourse in action at the Writer's Workshop 2017
#WriteYourStoryCourse in action at the Writer’s Workshop 2017

Learn how to get started… and finished! get your ISBN number free as well as at a low cost. Get your book in the hands of millions using Amazon and Kindle… Oh you don’t want to do that… What about Book Patch? My students are all published… that’s right, published and they can now say, “I’m a published author…” Another cool tool before I go is the closed Facebook group you can join called: “Write Your Story Course” No more excuses!
it’s time to learn exactly what you need to do to write a book faster, get your book published faster and launch a book in 48 hours or less. Learn about the following: Keywords for authors, Book launching events for authors, low cost marketing ideas for authors, three podcast you must listen to, low cost publishing and printing for authors, low cost graphics for book writers and authors, get a free resource for book design and so much more.

Subscribe and follow me and you won’t be disappointed! Write Your Story Course will show you how. I look forward to helping you on your discovery as you learn and take action with #WriteYourStoryCourse and Dwayne Ross.

See you on the next post!

I’m Switching Things Up a Bit…


Dwayne Ross is a Staff Development Instructor, Author,  Speaker & Adjunct Instructor @CSM with over 25 years experience in Human Services Comment, Converse and Connect Today! Dwayne is now the co-host of his own radio segment: The Chop Chop on MentorMe® Memorable Moments Social Health

Are you absolutely satisfied with your fan Page? I wasn’t. I have been using poor quality pictures and fonts I didn’t really like and making some small changes here and there but decided a full make over might be best. It scared me a little because I thought I needed to buy a lot of HD photos etc. pay a coder and so much more but I was wrong. It was simple, and easy and fun. I used Canva. A free graphics tool that allows you to design almost anything social media-ish. I promise. Image is important for my fans, and getting their input first…was important. And the winner is… well at least for this month.

Facebook fan page and new cover photo
Updated Facebook fan page and new cover photo

I have started to make some changes to promoting my site and really adding more value to the conversations of those who listen in to the Chop Chop radio show as well as the people who support the training and course work I do. I hope to make this site more engaging, add some webinars, training videos, interviews and other interactive elements to increase engagement and add value to you, my visitors. Hope you like the changes and I hope we can build our relationship in this community andin your community as well.


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Stand Up or Fall for Anything…

“This is the place to understand how protests and love of country don’t merely coexist, but inform each other. How men can probably win the gold for their country, but still insist on raising a black-gloved fist.” –

                                                                                                                             President Barack Obama

Over the past few weeks we listened to sports commentators show us their true colors. The heart finds a way through the mouth to share what it hides. We have been watching two candidates for President, act foolishly, lie blatantly and back track on promises. With the world watching we see people being murdered at the cost of fear… ” I shot him because I feared for my life…” said Betty Shelby even though he was just a big black man, no prior violent crimes and clearly had his hands in the air as he walked to his vehicle.


Mr. Crutcher was dead… she was charged just as the officers who threw Freddie Gray, handcuffed in the back of a transporter, allowing him ti slide around like trash resulting in a broken neck and it was no one’s fault… all were acquitted. Just as a young man in Florida wearing a hoodie was thought to be a threat and after all we have to Stand our ground and the officer involved was found not guilty and young Travon Martin is dead, with no vindication. Dead Car Burglar… Dead DVD salesman… Dead Child playing with a toy gun… Dead Boy in the street for stealing cigarettes… Dead Naked teen running… Dead 64 year old man…Dead man in a wheelchair… Dead sleeping in her car after calling the police… Dead reading a book… Dead playing in Walmart. Dead.

I believe Standing against police brutality and blatant use of excessive force and murder of anyone in America or the world is valid. Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers  has it right…John Carlos and Tommie Smith have it right… This is a country where we don’t merely coexist… many have died for Freedom more for fighting against Inhumanity.

CSM Writer’s Workshop Sample

Today we talked about how to write a blog. John wanted more information about blogging as a retirement option.

Here is a copy of a article from a University white paper.

Research sample (N = 10) reported being favorably disposed toward sharing their journals with others or have already done so in fact. Typically, those with whom journals have been or will be shared are children and grandchildren, other family members (siblings, nieces and nephews), and friends. Those subjects who are participating in writing groups are already working in a culture where the sharing of personal writings is normative. These people enjoy the experience of sharing their work, benefit from having others share writing with them, and in some cases are interested in locating wider audiences. In situations where families are the targeted audience, the older journal writer typically selects content from their larger corpus and distributes it on a selected basis. However, one individual reported that she keeps her journals in volumes.


Discover Your TAG from my LinkedIn Post

I couldn’t seem to get it together over the past few years. My heart was always fighting in training and development but I knew I was making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. The salary wasn’t a bad salary but I knew something was missing. For five years I drove maybe 12 minutes to work in a place where a smile could pierce and bad hair day and a hug could melt all your problems away. If the world outside was raining the sun was shining inside and all I had to do was get there. Pauli did that… Washington did that… Millie did that… every day. What did they have in common? a major disability and it was my job to make sure life was the best possible life during the day at the Center.

As much as I enjoyed being there, my hands would sweat and my heart would race whenever I was asked to make a presentation to my peers or come to the Maryland Works office to make a presentation… this was my love… this was what captured my heart even more… Training & Development of training and empowering staff. I had to find a way to do it daily… I had to follow my passion and I knew now was the time… The concern that I had was tied to the “What if.”



Was there a way to do both? Who would pay me for it? How can this work? What if it doesn’t work? Could I train the same groups and organizations and make a living? Honestly who was I kidding… how could I leave a job in the midst of a changing system? I had endured 7 State Director Changes… fiscal budgets where over 35 million dollars was lost and I was having trouble following the Executive Director I was working for too… I knew there was a better way but how could I show it? How can I say it when I wasn’t living in my passion?

What if it doesn’t work! and then I heard deep down inside of my soul… What if it does work… What if you can prove your hunch or theory? Why aren’t you working in your passion? Why are you settling, when you could be creating the life you imagined? My career had taken a pretty cool turn and I was comfortable. I had a nice title, a nice corner office, a nice team that was able to get the job done… why rock the boat? After all I was doing some training hear and there and it was good enough to wet my need or was it? Is it for you? Have you taken the time to really look at what you are doing and evaluate your greatness? I knew I had to make a change and it came in the form of a email from my Vet rep. The USDA is looking for Training Technicians. I made a declaration and decide to loo at the big picture… what was my life telling me that I wasn’t quite listening to? “Dwayne you are a teacher, a speaker and you need to be producing something and using your creativity… you are settling” If this sounds familiar it may be time to take another look at who and what you are. Are you saying one thing but doing another? is there something that gets you so excited that when you are engage in it you don’t want to quit? Does it wake you up at night and give you more energy? It’s probably your TAG… your Talent, Ability & Gift or Gifts!

Here’s a quick exercise you can do. Post on your social media site, send an email or even call or write a letter to 10 of you top contacts, friends and associates and ask this question…”If money wasn’t a concern (and it’s really not) and you were going to give me advice or coaching on exactly what I should be doing with my time based upon what you truly know about me… what would you suggest or tell me to Go DO? Once you get the answers… find a way to go do just that… volunteer, do it part time or go after it. Come back to my next post and I will share exactly what I did an perhaps you can follow my lead and go follow after your life’s inner compass. Don’t settle… live your best life… today. DR

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Dream Big? of course you should…

Dreaming big is something that has been topic of conversation for a number of people over the past few months. Not that people are not dreaming and doing anything about the dream but the goals are too low. In many cases the dream is only a dream and they don’t have a plan at all to accomplish the dream. I am also thinking of how can i impact young minds and hearts in a way that they go after the dreams even if they are 10 years old. Why are people waiting for the one day? “Onedayitis” is everywhere! One day i am going to… build a business, write a book, go travel, go back to college or whatever you want to put in the blank. The truth is now is all you have.

Now is where we live… with the expectation of tomorrow. I asked a group of VIP Dreamers recently at the Dream Big VIP Symposium and the answers were many. The answer that I heard the most was really what one person called an excuse. Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure right? If you keep making an excuse then you are never making the progress you need to make. I want to encourage you to get engaged with your dream. Don’t only think about it but put a plan into action. One of the participants wanted to write a book. Since I am sure you might be dealing with the same excuse… here’s what I shared with her and the rest of the crew. I set aside time regularly to engage my gifts. I have a time set aside for writing and it helps ensure that days and days don’t just pass you by.

Decide you want to write! That sounds simple doesn’t it? DECIDE to write daily. Are you really busy? Then you may want to set aside time to write that is early in your morning or just before you go to sleep. As you look at where your time goes you will see exactly where you actually have wasted minutes that could be redirected towards a specific time to write.
If you usually get up at 5 am perhaps you might get up at 4 am and write for 35 minutes. This CONSISTENT daily time will net thousands of words that would have never been written if you waited until the right time to write.

So if you want to know more about having a plan or develop your SMART goals towards writing perhaps you want to join the Writer’s Workshop group. This is a group of writers and future authors who have taken my course on publishing your book in 48 hours. Interested? Leave a comment or join the mailing list by placing your email in the box provided on the home page and about pages of this workshop. You can do it! DREAM Big! Go after what’s in your heart… Keep Moving Forward! DR

YES Summit 2016

Dwayne Ross is a Human Service Trainer, Staff Development Instructor and an Author Speaker & Teacher with over 25 years experience in Human Services Comment, Converse and Connect Today! Dwayne is now the co-host of his own radio segment: The Chop Chop on MentorMe® Memorable Moments Social Health

Have you ever sat around with a group of people and heard this…”Somebody ought to do something…” Well I have and it was clear one day that the somebody doing something would be me. I was looking in the mirror thinking… I know the problem… I’m a product of the same concerns… What can I do? I can continue to focus on myself and my kids or I can use my TAG to help other young people. so I started doing things… community events, talent shows, community days and then my life took a turn and I stopped. It was only a few years now that I answered the call again after the most recent deaths of young people like, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice that I decided I must do more. Our young people are losing hope and have no vision. They don’t even know they have a TAG a purpose and if they do many don’t know what to do with it. Your TAG is your Talent, Ability and Gift(s) Have you discovered your TAG What are you doing with it? This little genius found his TAG at 5 years old and decided to start his own business tobuy his mom a car… Check out this video about Mr.Cory’s Cookies… a Young Business CEO from New Jersey.

What’s your TAG? We want to help you discover it then use it effectively. If you are a young person this event is for you. I invite you to come to the DMV YES Summit. Youth Empowerment Success Summit. Youth Groups are invited! They will be empowered to know more about their TAG and use them. We will be Empowering Education… Employment… Entrepreneurship and Engaging their TAG in the community. If you live in driving distance to the DMV this is for any young person age 13 to 19 (REGISTER FREE HERE) Your child or youth group will leave with a new resolve to engage their passion and live the dream they imagine… How old can you start? 5? 7? 15? 91? It’s up to you!

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