Finding Your Lane of Greatness: 3 part DSP Series

Dwayne Ross is an author, speaker and training specialist dedicated to you and your staff’s positive success. 

The blog was off for quite some time due to a technical issue I have had with the host… Host gator has fixed the concern and I am ready to get back on track with your success. This 3 part series was created to give a tangible step by step process which will help staff have the type of impact that leads to personal growth and organizational excellence.

So many people have joined an organization with the idea that they want to make a difference and there are a few things that must be accomplished to make the type of impact that most organizations want. My focus in this series is the idea that there is a lane that staff need to drive in to have the success they want. The industry we will to focus on today is the Direct Support Professional industry. These are the people who work with some of our most vulnerable populations inmost communities. The DSP field is an entry level field and usually doesn’t require much more than a High School diploma. The work of a DSP is another story. They are expected to be mature, make life saving decisions, be caring and concerned about the use of the best life practices available when working with individuals with disabilities, our aged/elderly, mentally fragile, youth and of course our children. The jobs that they do require a sensitivity that in many ways can’t be taught. It starts with their internal drives and passion which is driven by a very clear why, not money.



Driven by why? Not money? Yes… a compelling why, coupled with the desire to make a real contribution is one of the best ways to build the staff in this industry.  I call it, “Finding Your Lane of Greatness.” This series a dedicated to the “Direct Support Professional.” If your job requires you to work with others who can’t quite do it all for themselves, this is for you.

Check out the next post where I will identify the three lanes I have seen most Direct Support Professionals drive their careers in. I hope to give you a clear step by step process that can help you provide the best services no matter if you have just started or have been involved with the DSP industry for years. Check out this video from LADD Inc a very progressive organization in Michigan, explaining why being a DSP is so rewarding… life changing!

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