Writer’s Workshop in Hampton Virginia

Welcome Back.

Every year for the past four or five years any writer who wants to be an author can learn from start to finish exactly what to do… not just information but actual step by step processes that get a book in your hands and of those who are interested in your topic.

To learn more about getting published… this is the event to attend. Not really able to get to this event but want to learn exactly how to self publish your book? You have come to the right place. On the right side of this page it’s time to get started… Subscribe or Join me and the rest will be history! I have a course that I teach at the community college and you can take the course from anywhere in the world.

#WriteYourStoryCourse in action at the Writer's Workshop 2017
#WriteYourStoryCourse in action at the Writer’s Workshop 2017

Learn how to get started… and finished! get your ISBN number free as well as at a low cost. Get your book in the hands of millions using Amazon and Kindle… Oh you don’t want to do that… What about Book Patch? My students are all published… that’s right, published and they can now say, “I’m a published author…” Another cool tool before I go is the closed Facebook group you can join called: “Write Your Story Course” No more excuses!
it’s time to learn exactly what you need to do to write a book faster, get your book published faster and launch a book in 48 hours or less. Learn about the following: Keywords for authors, Book launching events for authors, low cost marketing ideas for authors, three podcast you must listen to, low cost publishing and printing for authors, low cost graphics for book writers and authors, get a free resource for book design and so much more.

Subscribe and follow me and you won’t be disappointed! Write Your Story Course will show you how. I look forward to helping you on your discovery as you learn and take action with #WriteYourStoryCourse and Dwayne Ross.

See you on the next post!

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