Dream Big? of course you should…

Dreaming big is something that has been topic of conversation for a number of people over the past few months. Not that people are not dreaming and doing anything about the dream but the goals are too low. In many cases the dream is only a dream and they don’t have a plan at all to accomplish the dream. I am also thinking of how can i impact young minds and hearts in a way that they go after the dreams even if they are 10 years old. Why are people waiting for the one day? “Onedayitis” is everywhere! One day i am going to… build a business, write a book, go travel, go back to college or whatever you want to put in the blank. The truth is now is all you have.

Now is where we live… with the expectation of tomorrow. I asked a group of VIP Dreamers recently at the Dream Big VIP Symposium and the answers were many. The answer that I heard the most was really what one person called an excuse. Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure right? If you keep making an excuse then you are never making the progress you need to make. I want to encourage you to get engaged with your dream. Don’t only think about it but put a plan into action. One of the participants wanted to write a book. Since I am sure you might be dealing with the same excuse… here’s what I shared with her and the rest of the crew. I set aside time regularly to engage my gifts. I have a time set aside for writing and it helps ensure that days and days don’t just pass you by.

Decide you want to write! That sounds simple doesn’t it? DECIDE to write daily. Are you really busy? Then you may want to set aside time to write that is early in your morning or just before you go to sleep. As you look at where your time goes you will see exactly where you actually have wasted minutes that could be redirected towards a specific time to write.
If you usually get up at 5 am perhaps you might get up at 4 am and write for 35 minutes. This CONSISTENT daily time will net thousands of words that would have never been written if you waited until the right time to write.

So if you want to know more about having a plan or develop your SMART goals towards writing perhaps you want to join the Writer’s Workshop group. This is a group of writers and future authors who have taken my course on publishing your book in 48 hours. Interested? Leave a comment or join the mailing list by placing your email in the box provided on the home page and about pages of this workshop. You can do it! DREAM Big! Go after what’s in your heart… Keep Moving Forward! DR

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