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Have you always wanted to own your own business but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you were like me and you have been in business winging it for years but never had any formal training on what to do or how to run your business. I was just reading articles, attending seminars and asking other business people with the idea that if they can do it I can to and so I did. Recently however I discovered the Boot in Business Course that I qualified for as a Veteran of the United States Air force and now I am getting real insight, through the University of Syracuse Business program. I discovered that only 30% of the actual business owners in America have Business Plan. Only 1/3 rd of them used it to get financing. Most business owners did what I did… used the income they had to get something started. Of course this is just a couple of pieces of the Iceberg for you to think about but if you truly want to start a business I would encourage you to take a moment and listen to this world class leader Jason Mayden as he talks about Aspiration!

There are 3 things that I was asked to write about for the first homework assignment that I thought you may want to do.

#1 You will need to “Identify your skills” from the passion and interest not what will make other people money
#2 You will need to Know what “Problem”or Gap in the Market you plan to Solve or Fill! Don’t just pick a business
#3 You are encouraged to discover what are the next best Alternatives in your area that could solve the same problem?

There was much more than this but again… it’s only a piece of the Iceberg… there’s so much more to consider. Some people have decided to purchase a process through franchise purchase and others have decided to carve their own path. Don’t forget… no matter what type of business you may decide to start the most important ingredient is “Solving a Problem”even if it’s innovating something that already exist.

Go for it!
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