Dwayne Ross on Schools to Prisons

When instituted back after the Columbine shootings… Zero Tolerance Policies seemed to be the right thing to do… but is it? I can recall a situation that happened with my own son in middle school… and how he was treated and what we had to go through to prove he was not a problem child but how he just didn’t think through what he had decided to do one day. I can remember the call as if it was yesterday… “Mr. Ross we have your son in custody here at the police office…” I rushed to get there after contacting his mom who was also at work. He had been arrested for carrying a weapon… and making a terrorist threat! What? a terrorist what? We were confused and stood in disbelief. The truth of the matter was… he was given the highest ruling allowed by law. He was handcuffed and taken to jail for having a kitchen knife in his backpack and showing the knife to his friends in class. It was the small knife with the wooden handle about 5 inches long. I am not saying he wasn’t wrong… I’m not saying we weren’t disappointed… I’m not even saying it was wrong to arrest him… I am saying the way the law was carried out in my opinion was too harsh for an 11 year old in middle school.

Recently a 3rd grader was arrested for Criminal Mischief… Police carried out a Drug Sweep in the hallways of a School in Goose creek Carolina where they not only threw children around who did not comply to their directives but they had guns drawn on our children… Guns drawn because of zero policy laws. Today, zero tolerance policies cover much more than guns. Most are accompanied with suspension or expulsion of students for any number of things, such as carrying aspirin or other over-the-counter medications. Some public examples of zero tolerance policies in action included six-year old Zachary Christie who was suspended 45 days, for carrying a camping utensil to school (a tool with a fork, spoon and small knife blade) or Matthew Whalen, a high school senior who was suspended 20 days for keeping a 2-inch pocketknife locked in his survival kit in his car… not his pocket… his car! Students across the nation are being suspended or expelled for bringing things like aspirin, cold medicines, cough drops, toy guns, water pistols, pellet guns and one young 11-year old student died after an asthma attack because his school’s zero tolerance policy barred him from carrying his inhaler. There are many things to consider as we continue building the youth of today. We must find a way to reduce the crime rate in schools, reduce the violence in their neighborhoods and homes as we reduce the Pipeline from Schools to Prisons. The zero tolerance policies support this travesty in America. Let’s get involved through intervention, prevention and not incarceration.

Dwayne Ross

Dwayne Ross on God the Father

Dwayne Ross shared his salvation experience in the 2nd session. Having accepted Christ at the age of 5 Dwayne didn’t think too much about the salvation experience. He partied like there was no tomorrow. Finally, he began to see the number of times God delivered him from violence. Nearly being stabbed, shot, jailed, beaten – Dwayne remembered his commitment and began to turn his life around. Living life hard can only lead to death. Dwayne invites you to remember your calling to those who may have forgotten. Maybe you don’t believe in God. Maybe you think Jesus and the Bible is a joke… Maybe you have been taught to hate God, or had a experience that you needed God to show up and he didn’t? This is not intended to convert you or change your religion because I believe Religion is one thing… a relationship with God is like our earthly relationship with some of our parents and it’s much different. Watch the video at the end…. Victorious! it’s awesome…

The bible says… If you Call Upon the name of the Lord… you shall be saved. It’s a done deal… No Matter What. We are called to live a certain way based upon the way expressed through the word of God. Are you saved and need to be saved again? Never… It’s an eternal decision that is done once and confirmed forever. You are still saved. In this session the host and guest share their experience with the Word of God and Jesus and why they trust and believe in God. It’s intended to share why they do what they do and how they deal with the trials of life from day to day. So many religious leaders are confusing so many people… but when you know what has happened in your life and the testimony of your life… no one can take it away from you. Let Jesus refresh you.

Dwayne Ross

Dwayne Ross on Disability Empowerment

People with “Diff-Abilities” are fighting to have lives that matter. Real lives and real jobs and employment that makes sense. So many are working for min or sub minimum wage in the “Disability” community. In this segment of the Chop Chop we explore how can we as a community can join in the fight for “Real Lives” to help the DD community have access to the job market, to get support for their own businesses and employment fist to enjoy a life that will focus on the likes, preferences and TAG of those who have come to the earth with a disability. Talents, Abilities and Gifts should be shared and encouraged not hidden from society or push into a corner in a “Sheltered workshop.”
This video also highlights an amazing vocalist from the X Factor Ms. Rion Paige.

All who “want” to work should be given a chance to work and have a living wage. Unjustified segregation of the Individual in society from others…is discrimination… sheltered away from others or in a non integrated setting. In this session we will share information about helping our community embrace those with “Different-Abilities” in the workforce and ensure they get a fair chance to engage in employment just as everyone in the community has.

It’s time to re-imagine how supports can be offered in the lives of the DD community. “What’s Your Diff-Ability?”

Dwayne Ross

Dwayne Ross on Youth Empowerment

Dwayne Ross is a Human Service Trainer, Staff Development Instructor and an Author Speaker & Teacher with over 20 years experience in Human Services Comment, Converse and Connect Today! Dwayne is now the co-host of his own radio segment: The Chop Chop on MentorMe® Memorable Moments Social Health http://listenvisionlive.com

Our young people are depending on the village… what village? glad you asked. There’s a very known statement that gets a lot of air play in many cultures… Hillary Clinton titled a book after the statement and you have probably heard of it… “It takes a Village to raise a child…” The African proverb ask the question… “How are the children?” during greetings in many villages across Africa.

Over the past year President Obama launched a program to align with one of his promises during his initial campaign to provide support in many inner cities or under represented youth with his “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.” This conversation about building our youth and increasing their success in the village is specifically aligned with the initiative. Listen and watch as we discuss the current state of our youth and what we can do to improve their lives. Our Youth are screaming “Mentor Me!” Please leave a comment, tweet or share your thoughts.

Dwayne Ross

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