Dwayne Ross Joins MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Dwayne Ross is a Human Service Trainer, Staff Development Instructor and an Author Speaker & Teacher with over 20 years experience in Human Services Comment, Converse and Connect Today!

Dwayne recently appeared as Guest on MentorMe® Memorable Moments Social Health segment to discuss the publishing of his book, No More Crumbs from the Table. The book is available at www.amazon.com as well as here on the site. Get your copy today. Dwayne shared his experience growing up as a child after the premature death of his mother. He and his brother were also placed in the foster care system long enough to experience the dark side of some of the things many foster care kids share that just shouldn’t happen to children, until his grandfather retrieved and sent him to his aunt on Long Island to raise him. Mr. Ross shared his experience being homeless and broken after losing everything in California – but realized his life’s experiences were purposed for the glory of the Lord. He was invited to Newport News Virginia where his sister told him to come home and start over!

Since being broken and restored, God continues to use Mr. Ross to help many at risk groups such as inmates to return to viable citizenship. He imparts knowledge to youth through the programs he develops, and continues to respect his years’ service in the Air Force through serving Veterans within the DC Metropolitan area. Tune into MentorMe® Memorable Moments on www.listenvisionlive.com on Sunday evenings at 6 pm and learn how you can make informed decisions to balance your lifestyle! Dwayne will be joining the host of this International Show starting the third Sunday of the month learn more on Facebook at iAm.DwayneRoss or @DwayneRoss247 in 2015 it’s time to #ShiftYourFocus and Turn your Passion into Profit and more!

Watch his recent show held on Sunday, December 7, 2014 – Social Health Guest: Dwayne Ross, Speaker & Author “No More Crumbs from the Table”

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