Can Monopoly teach about Finances?

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How can a game teach you anything about life? Remember Passing Go in the game Monopoly?  Well if you go around the board over and over and over but never buy anything could that be similar to going to work, getting a pay check, getting off for the weekend, going to church, getting up Monday and doing the same thing over again? I think so! Many people are victims of the systems they use and they have no idea what to do to get out of them. Watch this: Leave a comment or connect on FaceBook

Today I wanted to share some of the things that were recently shared at a Bible study st Spirit of Faith Christian Center or SOFCC, where we talked about 10 strategies you can learn playing Monopoly. This is not an endorsement of the game however I believe most of us have played or know of the game so it’s easy to use as an example. If you don’t have the game perhaps you can Google it and learn more about it. One of the first things we talked about is Passing Go! You don’t get a dime until you PASS Go! Thinking about it doesn’t do anything for you. You need to Roll the Dice and then… GO!  Another thing about this cherished game is, most people don’t know the rules! They play by rules that are not written in the guidelines and they think they can win.  Just as in the game as in Life you must know the rules… Do you need to go around the board once before anyone can purchase a property? Do you need to land on a property first in order to buy it? How much money do you place at Free Parking anyway? And what about paying Taxes… is it $200 or 10%  

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